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-----------. From diplomacy to resistance: a history of Jewish Palestine, 1939־
1945. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1970. 432 p.
The background of the Zionist movement’s efforts to establish the
Jewish homeland and the beginnings of the Haganah.
e a u f r e
, A
n d r e
The Suez expedition: 1956. New York, Praeger, 1970.
174 p.
The story of the attack on Egypt by the Anglo-French forces and the
abrupt termination of the campaign, by the former commander of the
French troops at that time.
e c k m a n n
, P
e t r
Whispered anecdotes; humor from behind the Iron Cur-
tain. Boulder, Colo., Golem Press, 1969. 143 p.
A collection of wit and humor heard in the countries of Eastern
e n
- A
m i
, A
h a r o n
Social change in a hostile environment: the Crusaders’
Kingdom of Jerusalem. Princeton, N. J., Princeton University, 1969.
193 p.
e n
o r i n
, M
e ir
Common faith— uncommon people: essays in Recon-
structionist Judaism. New York, Reconstructionist Press, 1970. 245 p.
e r g e r
, I
s a i a h
ed. Analytical subject index to the
Hebrew Union College
vols. 1-37, 1924-1966. New York, Ktav, 1969. 136 p.
e r g m a n
, A
a r o n
Student’s dictionary: English-Yiddish
New York, Kinderbuch, 1969. 141, 130 p.
e r k m a n
, T
e d
Sabra. New York, Harper & Row, 1969. 237 p.
The story of the transformation of different people in Israel from
civilian to military life which led to the incredible victory of June 1967.
e r k o v i t s
, E
l i e z e r
Man and God: studies in Biblical theology. Detroit,
Wayne State University, 1969. 376 p.
An orthodox rabbi’s insights into Biblical teachings about religious
e r n h e i m
, A
l f r e d
a r a i n i
, F
o s c o
Jerusalem, rock of ages. New
York, Harcourt, Brace, 1969. 122 p.
Photographs and commentary with pictures of the new Jerusalem.
l a i k l o c k
E. M., ed. The Zondervan pictorial Bible atlas. Grand Rapids,
Mich., Zondervan, 1969. 512 p.
A history of Israel by various scholars with 220 photos and maps with
overlays of towns and borders at different periods.
l a n k
, S
h e l d o n
H. Understanding of the prophets. New York, Union of
American Hebrew Congregations, 1969. 138 p.
A scholarly popular interpretation of the teachings of the Hebrew
prophets and their meaning for modern man.
o n d y
, R
u t h
The Israelis. New York, Sabra,
1 9 6 9 . 3 2 0 p .
A journalist’s view of life and people in the Jewish state.
B o ro
w i t z
, E
u g e n e
B. Choosing
sex ethic:
Jewish inquiry. New York,
Schocken, 1969. 182 p.
A guide for young people by the professor of Jewish thought at the
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York.
m er ican
ew ish
o n
ict ion