Page 171 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 28

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m er ican
ew ish
o n
ict ion
a n g
, J
o e l
The silent millions: a history of the Jews in the Soviet Union.
New York, Taplinger, 1970. 246 p.
An account covering the period from the Czarist rule to the present.
a p a
, C
o r n e l l
ed. Israel: the reality. Cleveland, World, 1969. 180
p .
An album based on an exhibition of 180 photographs taken over the
years by outstanding photographers depicting life in Palestine and the
State of Israel.
h r i s t e n
, R
o b e r t
J., and
a z e l t o n
, H
a r o l d
E. Monotheism and Moses;
the Genesis of Judaism. Lexington, Mass., Heath, 1969. 104 p.
A paperbound book in the series
Problems in European Civilization.
h r i s t m a n
, H
e n r y
M., ed. The state papers of Levi Eshkol. New York,
Funk & Wagnalls, 1969. 153 p.
A record of the most important statements and speeches from 1963
through 1969 of the late Prime Minister of Israel.
o c k e r e l l
, S
y d n e y
C .
Old Testament miniatures. New York, Braziller,
1969. 208 p.
Reproduction in color of the illuminated book in the Pierpont Mor-
gan Library, of 283 paintings from the creation to the story of David.
o h e n
, A
h a r o n
Israel and the Arab world. New York, Fortress, 1969.
544 p.
An historical outline of background of the relations between Jews and
Arabs through the centuries.
o h e n
, A
r t h u r
A .
The myth of the Judeo-Christian tradition. New York,
Harper &Row, 1970. 223 p.
An analysis of the existing differences between the teachings of
Judaism and Christianity.
o h e n
, B
a r u c h
ed. Jewish existence in an open society: a convocation.
Jewish Centers Association of Los Angeles, 1970. 118 p.
Addresses delivered by prominent Jewish personalities.
o h e n
, B
o a z
Law and tradition in Judaism. New York, Ktav, 1969. 243 p.
Among the learned papers there are Maimonides5 responsum on
music, the philosophy and interpretation of Jewish law, marriage, the
Shulhan Arukh
as a guide for today, and Jewish marriage laws.
, H
. Justice, justice: a Jewish view of the Black revolution,
New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1969. 206 p.
A revised edition of a manual for understanding Negro-Jewish rela-
tions in the United States.
o h e n
, S
e y m o u r
J., trans. Orchot Tzaddikim: the ways of the righteous.
Jerusalem-New York, Philipp Feldheim, 1969. 629 p.
Vocalized Hebrew original text with English translation of the 15th
century Hebrew ethical work by an unknown author.
o l e m a n
, E
d w a r d
D. The Jew in English drama together with The Jew in
Western drama: an essay and a check list (1968) by Edgar Rosenberg.
New York, N. Y. Public Library and Ktav, 1970. 50, 265 p.
An annotated bibliography of plays from earliest times to 1938 with
a survey of 500 “Jewish plays by Western authors of the past four