Page 172 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 28

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o m a y
, J
o a n
Israel: an uncommon guide. New York, Random House,
1969. 333 p.
A detailed travel guide to the interesting places and sites.
o n r a d
, E
a r l
Billie Rose: Manhattan primitive. Cleveland, World, 1969.
320 p.
A biography of the late showman and art collector.
o w a n
, P
a u l
The making of an un-American. New York, Viking, 1970.
370 p.
An American’s experiences with the Peace Corps and other agencies
r a w f o r d
, D
e b o r a h
Lisa Meitner, atomic pioneer. New York, Crown,
1970. 192 p.
Biography of the Austrian Jewish woman whose scientific discoveries
played a major part in the development of atomic energy.
B a r t l e y
C. Behind the silken curtain. Port Washington, N.Y., Kenni-
kat, 1969. 297 p.
A personal account of Anglo-American diplomacy in Palestine and
the Middle East; first issued in 1947.
u r l e y
E. M. Spinoza’s metaphysics: an essay in interpreting. Cambridge,
Harvard University, 1970. 208 p.
A study of God’s causality, necessity and attributes in Spinoza.
a v id
, J
a n i n a
A touch of earth. New York, Orion, 1969. 207 p.
Recollections of a refugee from the Warsaw Ghetto.
a v id
, J
a y
ed. Growing up Jewish: in Europe, Israel and America. New
York, Morrow, 1969. 341 p.
A collection of twenty-five autobiographical excerpts from the 16th
century to the present, largely European and American.
a v i e s
, A
l a n
T. Anti-Semitism and the Christian mind; the crisis of con-
science after Auschwitz. New York, Herder, 1969. 192 p.
A Catholic view of modern Jewish Christian relations.
a v i s
, J
e r o m e
The Russian immigrant. New York, Arno, 1969. 219
p .
A reprint of the study of Jewish immigrants to the United States.
e l a n e y
, C
o r n e l i u s
F. Mind and nature. South Bend, Ind., Notre Dame
University, 1969. 224 p.
A study in the naturalistic philosophy of Morris Raphael Cohen,
Frederick J. Woodbridge and Roy W. Sellars.
a u r a
, D
av id
J. Hebrew and Hellene in Victorian England: Newman,
Arnold and Pater. Austin, University of Texas, 1969. 370 p.
How the two ancient cultures influenced Cardinal Newman, Matthew
Arnold and Walter Pater.
o r o s h k i n
, M
i l t o n
Yiddish in America: social and cultural foundations.
Rutherford, N.J., Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1970. 281 p.
A study of the influence of the Yiddish press and the landsman-
schaften fraternities on the lives of Eastern European immigrants in
the U . S.
e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l