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m er ican
ew ish
o n
ict ion
Sixteen scholarly papers on the Bible and the Near East in a fest-
schrift to honor the Bible scholar Prof. Herbert G. May.
r e e d m a n
, D
a v id
o e l
, a n d G
r e e n f i e l d
, J
o n a s
e d s . N e w d i r e c t io n s
i n B i b l i c a l a r c h a e o l o g y . G a r d e n C i t y ,
D o u b l e d a y ,
1969. 191 p.
Reports from leading archeologists and scholars on their work and
new discoveries and evaluations of this material in relation to theology
and linguistics.
r e e h o f
, S
o l o m o n
B., and
a v a l e r
, V
ig do r
W., eds. J. Leonard Levy:
prophetic voice. Pittsburgh, Rodef Shalom Congregation, 1970. 233 p.
r e u l i c h
, R
o m a n
b r a m s o n
, J
o a n
The hill of life. New York,
Yoseloff, 1969. 203 p.
A biography of the Jewish pioneer and soldier Joseph Trumpeldor
who was killed by the Arabs at Tel Chai.
r i e d l a n d e r
, G
e r a l d
The Jewish sources of the sermon on the mount.
New York, Ktav, 1969. 301 p.
The new edition contains an important prolegomenon by Solomon
r i e d m a n
, M
a u r i c e
Martin Buber and the theater. New York, Funk &
Wagnalls, 1969. 192 p.
Four essays on the theater by Buber, translated together with his play
and three essays by Friedman on Buber’s relation to the theater.
r i s c h
, E
p h r a im
An historical survey of Jewish philanthropy. New York,
Cooper Square, 1969. 196 p.
A reprint of the 1924 bulletin.
r o l i c h
, P
a u l
Rosa Luxemburg: her life and work. New York, Fertig,
1969. 339 p.
a m o w
, G
e o r g e
My world line. New York, Viking, 1970. 192 p.
Fragments of an autobiography by a scientist who has interpreted the
exciting discoveries in physics and cosmology.
a r l a n d
, G
eo r g e
F. Subject guide to Bible stories. New York, Greenwood,
1969. 365 p.
A list of most of the important subjects and persons in the Bible as
found in the English King James, Revised Standard, New English and
Douay versions.
a s t e r
, T
h e o d o r
H. Myth, legend and custom in the Old Testament.
New York, Harper & Row, 1969. 899 p.
A revised and new approach based on Frazer’s
Folklore in the O.T.
e n d z i e r
, I
r e n e
L. A Middle East reader. New York, Pegasus, 1970.
432 p.
Selected articles from special sources dealing with unemphasized
aspects of Israel’s foreign policy, the question of Arab unity, and Arab-
Israeli relations.
i l n e r
, E
l i a s
War and hope; a history of the Jewish legion. New York,
Herzl Press, 1969. 466 p.
The story of the Jewish volunteers in the first World War who joined
the British forces in the battle for Palestine under the leadership
o f
Jabotinsky and Col. Patterson.
i n s b e r g
o u i s
ed. The five megilloth and Jonah. Philadelphia, Jew-
ish Publication Society, 1969. 121 p.