Page 176 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 28

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The Hebrew text of the Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Kohe-
leth and Esther, and the book of Jonah with a new English translation
and introductory essays by the Professor of Bible at the Jewish Theo-
logical Seminary of America.
i n s b e r g
, L
o u i s
Chapters on the Jews of Virginia, 1658-1900. Petersburg,
Va., 1969. 108 p.
Essays on the early Jews of Virginia.
l a t z e r
, N
a h u m
N . ,
ed. The Judaic tradition. Boston, Beacon, 1969. 838
p. Paperbound.
Selected texts from Jewish lore and literature with a new introduction.
----------. Language of faith. New York, Schocken, 1970. 336 p.
A revised edition of selected Hebrew prayers with an English trans-
lation side by side with the original text.
l i c k s m a n
, W
il l ia m
M. A kehillah in Poland during the inter-war years;
studies in Jewish community organization. Philadelphia, M. D. Kalish
Folkshul, 1969. 155 p.
o l d b u r g
, N
o r m a n
M. Patrick J. McGillicuddy and the rabbi. Los Altos,
Cal., Geron-X, 1969, 247 p.
Satire on Jewish community life in America.
o l d e n
, H
a r r y
The right time; an autobiography. New York, Putnam,
1969. 450 p.
Recollections of life as a boy on the East Side of New York, early
days as a journalist and ghost writer and the founding of the
----------.The best of Harry Golden. Cleveland, World, 1970. 448 p.
o l d m a n n
, N
a h u m
The autobiography of: sixty years of Jewish life. New
York, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1969. 358 p.
Personal recollections of the Zionist leader and president of the World
Jewish Congress.
o o d m a n
, H
a n n a
Jewish cooking around the world, featuring gourmet re-
cipes. New York, National Jewish Welfare Board, 1969. 115 p.
Choice recipes by an expert in kosher home economics.
r a y
J ohn .
history of Jerusalem. New York, Praeger,
1970. 336 p.
An account of the strategic importance of the city over many cen-
turies and its development from antiquity to modern times by the Pro-
fessor of Hebrew at the University of Aberdeen.
r e e n
, G
e r a l d
The artists of Terezin. New York, Hawthorn, 1969. 191
p .
The art work by the inmates of the Theresienstadt concentration
camp during World War II .
r e e n l e a f
, R
ic h a r d
E. The Mexican inquisition of the 16th century. Albu-
querque, University of New Mexico, 1969. 242 p.
u t m a n n
, J
o s e p h
ed. Beauty in holiness; studies in Jewish customs and
ceremonial art. New York, Ktav, 1970. 513 p.
A collection of outstanding articles on Jewish ritual art and customs
and ceremonies in their relation to art. The editor is professor of the
history of art at Wayne State University.
e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l