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m er ican
ew ish
o n
ict ion
a r c u s
, J
a c o b
a d e r
Studies in American Jewish history. Cincinnati,
Hebrew Union College Press, 1969. 255 p.
Lectures and studies on the history of the Jews in the U.S. by the
founder-director of the American Jewish Archives at the Hebrew Union
College-Jewish Institute of Religion.
a r r o w
, A
l f r e d
J. The practical theorist: the life and work of Kurt Lew-
in. New York, Basic Books, 1969. 290 p.
a r t i n
, B
e r n a r d
Great 20th century Jewish philosophers: Shestov,
Rosenzweig, Buber with selections from their writings. New York, Mac-
millan, 1970. 336 p.
Includes comprehensive introductory essays dealing with the life of
each man and his chief contributions to philosophy and theology.
a t e n k o
, P
e r c y
l o a n
, S
a m u e l
. T
studies in Yiddish culture:
I. Aqedat Jishaq. II . Job and Faust. Leiden, Brill, 1968. 162 p.
a r x
, M
o s e s
Gershom Soncino,s wanderyears in Italy 1498-1527. Cincin-
nati, Society of Jewish Bibliophiles, 1969. 91 p.
An account of the work of the famous Hebrew printer of the Renais-
sance in Italy.
a y s
, J
a m e s
L. Amos: a commentary. Philadelphia, Westminster, 1969.
160 p.
A modern exegetical translation and commentary to the prophet.
e d d in g
P. Y. From assimilation to group survival: a political and socio-
logical study of the Australian Jewish community. New York, Hart,
1969. 320 p.
e l b e r
, J
e h u d a
The universality of Maimonides. New York, Jonathan
David, 1969. 174 p.
e z e r i k
, A
v r a h m
G. The Arab-Israeli conflict and the UN : the 1967
round: prelude, June war, Jarring mission. New York, International
Review Service, 1969. 233 p.
ic h e l m o r e
, P
e t e r
The swift years: Robert Oppenheimer’s story. Garden
City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1969. 320 p.
An account of the scientists triumphs and tragedies. The author has
interviewed the leading personalities connected with Prof. Oppen-
heimer’s personal and public affairs and examined the Oppenheimer
papers recently opened at the Library of Congress.
i e l z i n e r
, M
o s e s
Introduction to the Talmud. New York, Bloch, 1969
415 p.
This reprint of the 1926 edition contains a new bibliography by Alex-
ander Guttmann.
i k e s
, G
e o r g e
Coat of many colors: Israel. New York, Gambit, 1969
158 p.
A description of social life and customs and the June 1967 war.
i l c h
, R
o b e r t
J. How to be an American Jew. New York, Yoseloff, 1969
112 p.
A satirical review of Jewish behavior in America.
il l e r
, A
l a n
W. God of Daniel S.: in search of the American Jew. New
York, Macmillan, 1969. 245 p.