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A Reconstructionist excursion into Jewish history and lore by the rabbi
of the Society for the Advancement of Judaism in New York.
i l l e r
, S
h a n e
Desert fighter. New York, Hawthorn, 1969. 192 p.
The story of Gen. Yigael Yadin and the Dead Sea scrolls.
i n d e l
, N
i s s a n
Rabbi Schneur Zalman: vol. 1. Brooklyn,
N .
Y., Chabad
Research Center, 1969. 340 p.
A biography of the founder of the Lubavitch movement in Hasidism.
o n t g o m e r y
, J
a m e s
A. Arabia and the Bible. Prolegomenon by Gus W.
Van Beek. New York, Ktav, 1970. 207 p.
A survey of the relations between biblical history and Arabia.
o r g e n b e s s e r
, S
i d n e y
ed. Philosophy, science and method: essays in
honor of Ernest Nagel. New York,
S t .
Martin’s Press, 1969. 613 p.
o s e s
, R
o b e r t
Public works: a dangerous occupation. New York,
M e -
Graw-Hill, 1969. 952 p.
The autobiography of the head of New York’s many public works
who built the parkways and parks, bridges and power system.
u f f s
, Y
o h a n a n
Studies in the Aramaic legal papyri from Elphantine.
Leiden, Brill, 1969. 314 p.
A philological investigation of aspects of Near Eastern law, and the
historical background of the legal formulary used by the Jewish mili-
tary colony in Egypt of the 5th century B.C.E.
a r k i s s
, B
e z a l e l
Hebrew illuminated manuscripts. New York, Macmillan,
1969. 175 p.
Reproductions and commentary on outstanding examples of artistic
elements in old Hebrew manuscripts.
e g e n m a n
, J
a n
H., ed. New atlas of the Bible. Garden City, N. Y., Double-
day, 1969. 208 p.
The revised English edition edited by the late H. H. Rowley and
Lucas H. Grollenberg contains essays on the history and text of the
e h e r
, A
n d r e
The prophetic existence. New York, Yoseloff, 1969. 440 p.
The historical meaning of the prophets by the professor of Hebrew
studies at the University of Strasbourg.
e l s o n
, B
e n j a m i n
The idea of usury. Chicago, University of Chicago,
1970. 336 p.
A revised edition with a chapter on the Jewish attitude to usury.
e l s o n
, B
y r o n
C. The deluge story in stone; a history of the flood theory
of geology. Minneapolis, Bethany, 1969. 104 p.
A reprint of the 1931 edition with a foreword by Henry M. Morris.
e t t l
J. P. Rosa Luxembourg.
N e w
York, Oxford University Press, 1969.
592 p.
An abridged paperbound edition of the two volume work published
in 1966.
e u b a u e r
, A
d o l p h
r iv e r
S. R. The 53rd chapter of Isaiah accord-
ing to the Jewish interpreters. New York, Ktav, 1969. 2 vols.
The reprint of the 1877 edition contains a new prolegomenon by
e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l