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Raphael Loewe. The original Hebrew commentaries are accompanied
by a volume of English translations.
e u s n e r
, J
a c o b
A history of the Jews in Babylonia: vol. 4-5. Leiden, Brill,
1969-1970. 476 p.
A study of the exilarchate and Jewish self-government in the age of
Shapur II .
----------. Judaism in the secular age: essays on fellowship, community and
freedom. New York, Ktav, 1970. 181 p.
Essays on modern Jewish problems by the professor of Jewish studies
a t Brown University, Providence, R. I.
e w m a n
J. Halachic sources from the beginning to the ninth century.
Leiden, Brill, 1969. 268 p.
An outline of the history of Talmudic law.
e w m a r k
, L
e o
California family Newmark and intimate history. Santa
Monica, Cal., Norton B. Stern, 1970. 132 p.
A historical portrait of a family of California Jewish pioneers.
r l i n s k y
, H
a r r y
M., ed. Notes on the new translation of the Torah. Phila-
delphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1970. 320 p.
A record of the scholarly preparation of the NJV English translation
from the Hebrew text.
----------. Interpreting the prophetic tradition: the Goldenson lectures 1955-
1966. New York, Ktav, 1969. 341 p.
Lectures delivered at the Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute
of Religion.
a i s
, A
b r a h a m
ed. Oppenheimer. New York, Scribner, 1969. 128 p.
A collective appreciation of J. Robert Oppenheimer, especially his
contributions to physics, by five of his students and associates.
a r k e s
, J
a m e s
Prelude to dialogue. New York, Schocken, 1969. 227 p.
A Christian clergyman, formerly president of the Jewish Historical
Society of England, tells why he remained a Christian in spite of his
deep reverence for Judaism. Here are his most important lectures and
essays on the meaning of Torah, the concept of the chosen people and
the relationship of Judaism to Christianity.
a t a i
, R
a p h a e l
Israel between East and West. New York, Greenwood, 1970
464 p.
The merging of Eastern and Western people and cultures in Israel
and the impact of immigration from oriental countries.
e r l m a n
, S
a m u e l
Students versus parents: problems and conflicts. Cam-
bridge, Mass., Howard A. Doyle, 1969. 208 p.
The director of Boston University’s Hillel Foundation analyzes the
problems confronting modern youth.
e r l m u t t e r
, A
m o s
Military and politics in Israel. New York, Praeger
1969. 161 p.
A scholarly study of the central role of the military elite in relation to
Israel’s democratic ideals by a former official of the Ministry of Defense.
f a f f
, R
ic h a r
H. Jerusalem; keystone of an Arab-Israeli settlement. Wash-
ington, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 1969.
56 p.
m er ican
ew ish
o n
ict ion