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An analysis made for the 81st Congress of the U.S.
i n c u s
, C
h a s y a
Come from the four winds; the story of youth aliya. New
York, Herzl Press, 1969. 333 p.
The rescue of 120,000 children who were brought to Israel.
o m e r a n t z
, J
o e l
Jennie and the story of Grossinger’s. New York, Grosset
& Dunlap, 1970. 325 p.
The story of the famous resort hotel in the Catskill mountains of
New York and the many celebrities and guests who enjoyed its hos-
r a t t
, R
i c h a r d
David Adler. Philadelphia, M. Evans (L ipp inco tt), 1969.
224 p.
A biography of a famous American architect and designer, active in
the Chicago area.
r i t c h a r d
, J
a m e s
B., ed. The ancient Near East; supplementary texts and
pictures relating to the Old Testament. Princeton, Princeton University,
1969. 274 p.
Scholarly translations of newly discovered documents and archaeolog-
ical materials.
r i t t i e
, T
e r r e n c e
Levi Eshkol: the man and the nation. New York, Pit-
man, 1969. 368 p.
The diplomatic correspondent of the
Manchester Guardian
has re-
corded the life of the late Prime Minister of Israel based on extensive
conversations with him and with European and Israeli officials.
Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research: vol. XXXVII.
New York, 1969.
Proceedings of the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists: vol. 2. New
York, 1969. 179,20 p.
Studies by Jewish scientists and scholars on the Halakhic aspects of
modern technology and scientific discoveries.
a d e s t
, H
o w a r d
B. Toward common ground: the story of the ethical so-
cieties in the United States, New York, Frederick Ungar, 1969. 348 p.
a n k i n
, O
l iv e r
S. Jewish religious polemic of early and later centuries; a
study of documents here rendered in English. New York, Ktav, 1970.
256 p.
First published in 1956.
e i c h e l
s h e r
Isaac Halevi (1847-1914): spokesman and historian of
Jewish tradition. New York, Yeshiva University, 1969. 176 p.
A biography of the orthodox Jewish historian based on hitherto un-
published correspondence and documents.
i c h l e r
, M
o r d e c a i
Hunting tigers under glass; essays and reports. Toron-
to, McClelland & Stewart, 1968. 160 p.
The Canadian Jewish writer’s insights into Canadian life.
i e t h
, A
d o l p h
Monuments to the victims of tyranny. New York, Praeger,
1969. 104 p.
i t t e r b a n d
, P
a u l
The non-returning foreign student; the Israeli case.
New York, Columbia University, Bureau of Applied Social Research,
1969. 317 p.
e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l