Page 191 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 28

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Israeli intelligence documents the story of Israel’s secret agents over the
last two decades.
Tales in praise of the Ari. Drawings by Moshe Raviv. Trans, by Aaron
Klein and Jenny M. Klein. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society,
1970. 64 p.
Stories of the mystical tradition relating to the life of the Safed
Rabbi Isaac Luria.
a y l o r
, C
h a r l e s
ed. Sayings of the Jewish Fathers. Prolegomenon by
Judah Goldin. New York, Ktav, 1970. 192, 51, 183 p.
Includes the text, notes and excursuses.
e m k i n
, S
e f t o n
D., ed. His own Torah : Felix A. Levy memorial volume.
New York, Jonathan David, 1970. 330 p.
Papers and sermons of the late Chicago rabbi with a biographical
sketch by the editor.
e p l i t z
, S
a u l
J. Life is for living. New York. Jonathan David, 1969.
A selection of sermons preached at Temple Sons of Israel, Wood-
mere, N.Y.
h o m a s
, B
o b
Thalberg: life and legend. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday,
A biography of the Hollywood movie producer Irving Thalberg who
headed the staff of MGM until he died at 37 in 1936.
h u b r o n
, C
o l i n
Jerusalem. Boston, Little, Brown. 1969. 256
p .
An account of the author’s encounter with people and places in the
Holy City with more than 70 photographs by Alistair Duncan.
o b i a s
, H
e n r y
J . and
o o d h o u s e
, C
h a r l e s
eds. Minorities and politics.
Albuquerque, University of New Mexico, 1968. 131 p.
Contains chapters on the political life of the Jews in Russia under
the Tsars.
o y n b e e
, A
r n o l d
J., ed.
T h e
crucible of Christianity: Judaism, Hellenism
and the historical background to the Christian faith. New York, World,
1969. 368 p.
Studies on the early background of Christianity by historians, philoso-
phers and theologians.
l m a n
, B
e r t h o l d
L. Ancient writing and its influence. Cambridge, Mass.,
M .I.T. Press, 1969. 240 p.
e l i e
, L
e s t e r
Countdown in the Holy Land. New York, Funk & Wag-
nails, 1969. 224 p.
An experienced reporter’s appraisal of Soviet Russia’s ambitions to
dominate the areas and the underlying reasons for the continuing con-
flict between Arabs and Israel.
i l n a y
, Z
e v
The new Israel atlas: Bible to modern day. New York,
McGraw-Hill, 1969. 112 p. 114 maps.
o l a k o v a
, H
a n n a
never saw another butterfly. New York, McGraw-
H i l l ,
Drawings and poems by youngsters found after World War I I in the
Terezin concentration camp.
- A
m er ican
ew ish
o n
ict ion