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greatest sages and teachers. I t never fails to fascinate and inspire young
children. (6-9)
, F
and L ou is . Sarah Somebody. Illus. by the author.
N.Y., Vanguard, 1970. 72 p.
Ostensibly a Jewish-Polish girl seeks an education so as to be “some-
body.” The storyline has an un-Jewish premise. (6-9)
, A
Jewish values and social crisis: a casebook for social
action. N.Y., Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1969. rev. ed.
339 p.
Many chapters have been expanded in this edition and a chapter
devoted solely to the Holocaust, human indifference and political ex-
pediency has been added. The bibliography is haphazard and compara-
tively poor in execution and substance. (13-15)
— . To do justly: a junior casebook for social action. N.Y., Union of
American Hebrew Congregations, 1969. 162 p.
This is an excellent paperbound edition of
Jewish Crisis
geared to the
younger students. (11-13)
, A
Living symbols past and present. Photo illus. N.Y., Shen-
gold, 1969. 95 p.
Using the framework of a family’s archeologically oriented trip to
Israel, the author explains the background of Jewish symbols and holi-
days. I t is unfortunate tha t a youngster seeking information must wade
through a contrived plot and a morass of saccarine dialogue. (6-9)
, C
Tales of the Prophet Samuel. Illus. by Zalman Klein-
man, N.Y., Shulsinger Brothers, 1969. 125 p.
■------ -— . Tales of Noah and the ark. Illus. by Zalman Kleinman, N.Y..
Shulsinger Brothers, 1969. 136 p.
Both these forcefully illustrated volumes approach their subject mat-
ter in the traditional manner. The subject matter and style of writing
have a high reader interest for this age group so th a t the books will be
read and reread. (6-9)