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E l i z a b e t h E . E p p l e r
A b r a h a m s , B e t h - Z i o n .
The Jews in England. London, Vallentine, Mitchell,
1969. 224 p.
Condensed history of the Jews in England written for children.
A l l i l u y e v a , S v e t l a n a .
Only one year. Trans, by Paul Charchavadze. Lon-
don, Hutchinson, 1969. 415 p.
Staling daughter describes her father’s antisemitic actions.
A n d r u s , B u r t o n
C. The infamous of Nuremberg. London, Frewin, 1969.
210 p.
Col. Andrus was commander of the prison where the major war
criminals were held.
A r n a s o n ,
H. H., ed. Jacques Lipchitz: sketches in bronze. London, Pall
Mall, 1969. 200 p. Illus.
A r o n , R a y m o n d .
De Gaulle, Israel and the Jews. London, Deutsch, 1969.
160 p.
Discussion of Gaullist diplomacy in the context of important issues
relevant to the Arab-Israeli conflict.
An Atlas of Israel. London, Elsevier, 1970. 290 p. 70 maps.
A work in fifteen sections, each “under the supervision of the ex-
perts” ; lithographed double-page maps; descriptive texts; chief topics
are: science, economics, history.
A v i d o v , Z . ,
H a r p a z ,
I. Plant pests of Israel. London, Humphrey, 1969.
559 p.
A z a r i a , A l o n .
Natural history of the land of the Bible. Feltham, Hamlyn,
1970. 276 p.
B a r t o s z e w s k i , W l a d y s l a w ,
L e w i n , Z o f i a ,
eds. Righteous among the
nations: how Poles helped the Jews, 1939-1945. London, B. Swiderski,
1969. 87, 834 p.
Documentary volume on Polish non-Jews’ rescue efforts to save Jews
in Nazi-occupied Poland.
B a r t o v , H a n o c h .
The brigade. Trans, by D. S. Segal. London, Macdonald,
1969. 245 p.
A novel whose hero served with the Palestinian Jewish Brigade.
B e l l o w ,
S. Mosby’s memoirs and other stories. London, Weidenfeld & Nic-
olson, 1969. 192 p.
B e n t w i c h , N o r m a n .
Israel: two fateful years, 1967-69. London, Elek, 1970.
119 p.
Examines the gradual evolution of the confrontation between Israel
and the Arabs.
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