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B e n t w i c h , N o r m a n .
The United Restitution Organisation, 1948-1968. Lon-
don, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1969. 47 p.
History and achievements of the agency set up by Jewish organisa-
tions to deal with individual claims against Germany.
B e r m a n t , C h a im .
Here endeth the lesson. London, Eyre & Spottiswoode,
1969. 218 p.
--------- . Troubled Eden: an anatomy of British Jewry. London, Vallentine,
Mitchell, 1969. 274 p.
B e t t e l h e i m , B r u n o .
Children of the dream. London, Thames & Hudson,
1969. 363 p. (The World of Science Library)
Study of the emotional life of children in a kibbutz.
B i d w e l l , S y d n e y ,
and others. Labour studies in Israel. London, Labour
Friends of Israel, 1969. 48 p.
Essays published as a result of the Labour Friends’ Study Mission to
Israel. A variety of topics are dealt with by Labour M.P.s and others.
B o u r d e a u x , M i c h a e l .
Patriarch and prophets: persecution of the Russian
Orthodox Church today. London, Macmillan, 1969. 359 p.
Fundamental study of Soviet policy on religion giving details of per-
secution by using the testimony of eye-witnesses and documents. Al-
though the author deals chiefly with the Christian Church he assesses
the Jewish position as well.
B r a s c h , R u d o l f .
The unknown sanctuary: the story of Judaism: its teach-
ings, philosophy and symbols. London, Angus &Robertson, 1969. 399 p.
B u b e r , M a r t i n .
Biblical humanism. London, Macdonald, 1969. 247 p.
Eighteen studies by Martin Buber, edited by Nahum N. Glatzer.
B u l l o c k , A l a n .
Hitler: a study in tyranny. London, Penguin, 1969. 848 p.
(Pelican Book)
When this first authoritative study of Hitler was published in 1951 it
was considered as the only balanced history of the Third Reich.
Challenge: an encounter with Lubavitch-Chabad. London. The Lubavitch
Foundation of Great Britain, 1970. 329 p.
Survey of the teachings and activities of the Chabad movement.
C a n g , J o e l .
The silent millions: a history of the Jews in the Soviet Union.
London, Rapp &Whiting, 1969. 246 p.
C a p a , C o r n e l l ,
ed. Israel: the reality. London, Thames & Hudson, 1970.
180 p.
C a r m i c h a e l , J o e l .
The shaping of the Arabs: a study in ethnic identity.
London, Allen &Unwin, 1969. 408 p.
C a t t a n , H e n r y .
Palestine, the Arabs and Israel: the search for justice. Lon-
don, Longmans, 1969. 281 p.
An eminent Palestinian jurist argues that the UN had no right to
allow the establishment of the State of Israel.
C h e s t e r t o n ,
A. K. The new unhappy lords: an exposure of power politics.
London, Candour Publishing, 1969. 255 p.
An updated edition of the British nationalist antisemitic book.
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