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C o h e n , A h a r o n .
Israel and the Arab world. London, W. H. Allen, 1970.
544 p.
Comprehensive study of Arab-Jewish relationships.
Committee for Economic Development, Economic development issues:
Greece, Israel, Taiwan and Thailand. London, Pall Mall Press, 1969.
232 p.
C o r a t i e l , E l i s a b e t h
C .
Oberammergau and its passion play. London,
Burns &Oates, 1970. 128 p.
On the controversial passion play.
C u n n i n g h a m , W i l l i a m .
Alien immigrants to England. London, Frank Cass,
1969. 286 p.
Reprint of important book which deals partly with Jewish immigra-
tion to England.
D a n , B e n .
The spy from Israel. London, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1969. 212 p.
An account of the life and activities of the Israeli spy in Damascus,
Elie Cohen, and the Israeli Secret Service.
D a v i s ,
J. H. Israel as a provocation? London, John Murray, 1969. 148 p.
E l m a n , P e t e r ,
ed. Jewish marriage. London, Soncino, 1967. 231
p .
A series of essays on different aspects of marriage by specialists in
each field.
E l s t o n ,
D. R. Israel: the making of a nation. London, Oxford University
Press, 1969. 168 p.
E p p l e r , E l i z a b e t h E .
The Jewish view of the Jew: a bibliography and
catalogue of an exhibition. London, World Jewish Congress, British
Section, 1970. 16 p.
F a s t , H o w a r d .
The Jews: story of a people. London, Cassell, 1970. 338 p.
The American novelist tells the history of the Jews in a narrative
fashion but with great accuracy.
F i s h e r , J u l i u s
S. Transnistria: the forgotten cemetery. London, Yoseloff,
1969. 161 p.
On the deportation of Jews from Rumania.
F i s h m a n , I s i d o r e .
Remember the days of old. London, Vallentine, Mitchell,
1969. 192 p.
Biblical history for young readers.
F o d o r ,
E., ed. Israel. London, Hodder, 1970. 432 p.
Travel guide.
F r e u l i c h , R o m a n ,
A b r a m s o n , J o a n .
The hill of life. London, Yoseloff,
1969. 203 p.
The life of Captain Trumpeldor, a Jew of Tsarist Russia, who became
a commissioned officer in recognition of his courage in the Russo-Japa-
nese War. Perversely, he was not allowed to become an officer of the
Jewish Legion, formed in 1917 as part of the British forces in Palestine.
F r i e d l a n d e r , S a u l .
Counterfeit Nazi. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson,
1969. 248 p.
The story of Kurt Gerstein who volunteered to the SS but, moved by
his religious convictions, tried in vain to inform the outside world of the
Nazi atrocities.