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H o m a , B e r n a r d .
Orthodoxy in Anglo-Jewry 1880-1940. London, Jewish
Historical Society of England, 1969. 52 p.
The evolution of the Orthodox communal structure in England up
to 1940.
How Zionism turned Palestine into a Jewish State: conquest through immi-
gration. London, Britons Publishing, 1970. 408 p.
Antisemitic tract.
H u g h e s , E m r y s .
Sydney Silverman: rebel in Parliament. London, Skilton,
1969. 236 p.
Biography of Silverman who fought for many lost causes, but won
many of these fights. A chapter describes his role in Jewish life, both
in the Zionist cause and in the Jewish fight against Nazism.
H u r e w i t z ,
J. G. Middle East politics: the military dimension. London, Pall
Mall, for Council on Foreign Relations, 1969. 553 p.
--------- , ed. Soviet-American rivalry in the Middle East. London, Pall Mall,
1969. 232 p.
I b n - D a u d ,
A. The book of tradition. Ed. by
D .
C. Gerson. Trans, from
Hebrew. London, Routledge, 1969. 480 p.
Israel travel guide. London, Nagel: Barrie &Jenkins, 1970. 432 p.
K a r p a t , K e m a l
H., ed. Political and social thought in the contemporary
Middle East: new ed. London, Praeger, 1969. 398 p.
K a t z , R o b e r t .
Black Sabbath: a journey through a crime against humanity.
London, Arthur Barker, 1969. 398 p.
Reconstructing the deportation to Auschwitz of 1041 Jews from the
Rome ghetto in 1943, the author argues that Jewish communal leader-
ship shared in the guilt for the murder of all but 15 of this transport; he
also asserts that Jewish leadership in Europe and elsewhere was equally
K e d o u r i e , E l i e .
The Chatham House version and other Middle Eastern
studies. London, Weidenfeld &Nicolson, 1970. 488 p.
Essays on the political and intellectual history of the modern Middle
East. Includes an essay on the Jews in Iraq.
K i m c h e , J o n .
The second Arab awakening: the Middle East: 1914-1970.
London, Thames &Hudson, 1970. 300 p.
K l e i n b e r g e r ,
A. F. Society, schools and progress in Israel. London, Perga-
mon, 1969. 354 p.
K l i n e b e r g , O t t o ,
and others. Aspects of French Jewry. London, Vallentine,
Mitchell, 1969. 142 p.
K n i g h t l e y , P h i l i p ,
S im p s o n , C o l i n .
The secret lives of Lawrence
o f
Arabia. London, Nelson, 1969. 293 p.
In this new book on Lawrence the authors adduce hitherto unknown
documentary evidence to unravel the complexity of his character and
his role in Middle Eastern politics.
K o c h a n , L i o n e l ,
ed. The Jews in Soviet Russia since 1917. London,
O x -
ford University Press for Institute of Jewish Affairs, 1970. 357 p.
Collection of essays.
K o l l e c k , T e d d y ,
P e a r l m a n , M o s h e .
Pilgrims to the Holy Land. Lon-
don×´Weidenfeld &Nicolson, 1970. 208 p.