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p p l e r
ew ish
K o p s , B e r n a r d .
By the waters
o f
Whitechapel. London, Bodley Head, 1969.
236 p.
Novel set in the East End of London.
K r a u s z , E r n e s t .
Sociology in Britain: a survey of research. London, Bats-
ford, 1969. 222 p. (Foundations of Modern Society)
Comprehensive survey of all aspects of sociological research in Britain
since the last war including work done in the field of sociology of the
L a q u e u r , W a l t e r .
The strugge for the Middle East: the Soviet Union and
the Middle East 1958-1968. London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1969.
384 p.
L i n d , J a k o v .
Counting my steps. London, Cape, 1970. 223 p.
The author is one of the most prominent contemporary German writ-
ers. In his autobiography he describes his incredible escape from Nazi
persecution and his final identification with his own people.
L i v n e ,
Zvi. In the beginning. Trans, from Hebrew by Z. Raphael. London,
Oxford University Press, 1969. 296 p.
Life of Abraham.
L o e b l , E u g e n e .
Sentenced and tried: the Stalinist purges in Czechoslovakia.
Postscript by Dusan Pokorny. London, Elek, 1969, 272 p.
Account of the Slansky trials.
L o n g r i g g ,
J . ,
J a n k o w s k i , J .
The Middle East: a social geography:
new ed. London, Duckworth, 1970. 292 p.
M a n s o u r , A t a l l a h .
In a new light. Trans, from Hebrew by Abraham
Birman. London, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1969. 176 p.
A novel by a young Israeli Arab who lives in Jerusalem and works
M a r m o r s t e i n , E m i l e .
Heaven at bay: the Jewish kulturkampf in the Holy
Land. London, Oxford University Press, 1969. 240 p. (Middle Eastern
Monograph devoted to the God of Israel’s demands on the State of
Israel and the resulting conflict, the roots of which lie in the Jewish
traditional society’s clashes with the Enlightenment.
M a r t i n , K i n g s l e y .
Harold Laski: a biography. London, Cape, 1969. 278 p.
(Cape Paperback 63)
Relates all the different fields of interests, including his Zionist role,
of the noted English political scientist.
M a s e r , W e r n e r .
Hitler’s Mein Kampf: an analysis. London, Faber, 1969.
272 p.
M a s o n , S h a i n d y ,
ed. Zionist year book: 1969-1970. London, Zionist Fed-
eration of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1969. 527 p.
M a t m o r , Y o r a m .
The instrument. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1969.
192 p.
Adventures of an Eastern European refugee in Israel.
M i k e s , G e o r g e .
The prophet motive: Israel today and tomorrow. Drawings
by Yossi Stern. London, Andre Deutsch, 1969. 160 p.
The author made a return visit to Israel in 1968 which resulted in
his serious and balanced analysis of the Arab-Israel conflict, the change
in Israeli attitude and his cautious optimism for the future.