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M i l l e r , J a c k .
Life in Russia today. London, Batsford, 1969. 198
p .
Detailed information on all aspects of life in the USSR including the
position of Jews, antisemitism, attitude to Israel, etc.
N e a r , H e n r y ,
ed. The seventh day: soldiers’ talk about the Six-Day War.
London, Andre Deutsch, 1970. 256 p.
N e g e n m a n , J a n
H., ed. New atlas of the Bible. London, Collins, 1969. 208 p.
N e g e v ,
A. Cities of the desert. Trans, from Hebrew by M. Roston. London,
Bailey Bros., 1969. 88 p. (Land of Israel Series)
N e h e r , A n d r e .
The prophetic existence. London, Yoseloff, 1970. 440 p.
The historical meaning of the prophets.
N e v e n - D u - M o n t , J u r g e n .
After Hitler: report from
West German city.
London, Allen Lane, Penguin, 1969. 320 p.
This survey of the city of Heidelberg since the end of the war is
based on over 50 interviews with citizens in all walks of life.
Overy, Paul. Kandinsky: the language of the eye. London, Elek, 1969.
Evaluation of the later work of the artist.
P e r l m u t t e r , A m o s .
Military and politics in Israel. London, Frank Cass,
1969. 161 p.
Scholarly study of the relationship between the military and civil
power in Israel since pre-independence days.
P e y r e f i t t e , R o g e r .
The Jews. London, Panther, 1969. 492 p.
P r e s s e r , J a c o b .
The destruction
o f
the Dutch Jews. Trans,
b y
A. Pomer-
ans. London, Souvenir, 1969. 556 p.
P r i t c h a r d ,
J. B. Archaeology and the Old Testament. London, Oxford
University Press, 1969. 280 p.
P r i t t i e , T e r r e n c e .
Eshkol of Israel: the man and the nation. London, Mu-
seum, 1969. 368 p.
This biography of Israel’s late Prime Minister is also a study of Arab-
Israel relations past and present.
R a ’a n a n ,
U. The USSR, arms and the third world: case studies in Soviet
foreign policy. London, M.I.T. Press, 1969. 256 p.
Includes the Middle East Conflict.
R a b i n o w i c z , H a r r y .
The world of Hassidism. London, Vallentine, Mitchell,
1970. 271 p.
R a b i n o w i t s c h , W o l f
Z. Lithuanian Hassidism. London, Vallentine, Mitch-
ell, 1970. 272 p.
R e a d i n g , C o u n t e s s o f .
The viceroy’s wife: letters from India, 1921-1925.
London, Hodder, 1969. 192 p.
R i c h a r d s o n , P e t e r .
Israel in the Apostolic Church. London, Cambridge
University Press, 1969. 257 p.
Study of the elements of Judaism in the teachings of the early Church
based chiefly on the Pauline epistles, Jesus’s attitude to Israel, the
Church Fathers and other sources. Dr. Richardson’s findings have deep
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