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implications for Catholic theology and the Church’s attitude to Jews
and Judaism.
R o s e , E v e l y n .
The Jewish home. London, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1969. 231 p.
Guide to Jewish housewives on all aspects of housekeeping, especially
the dietary laws.
R o s e n f e l d , M a x ,
ed. and trans. Pushcarts and dreamers: stories of Jewish
life in America. London, W. H. Allen, Yoseloff, 1969. 288 p.
Between 1890-1920 two million Jews arrived in America. Their lives
were richly depicted by contemporary Yiddish writers. Some of these
stories are translated in this volume.
R o s e n s a f t , M e n a c h e m
U. Not backward to belligerency. London, W. H.
Allen, 1970. 160 p.
On the Middle East conflict.
R o s t e n , L e o .
The joys of Yiddish. London, W. H. Allen, 1970. 547 p.
This work is an excursion into Jewish folklore through the alpha-
betical treatment of Yiddish words.
R o t h , C e c i l . A
short history of the Jewish people. London, East and West
Library, 1969. 512 p.
New, revised and enlarged edition of the author’s panoramic history
of the Jewish people including the first 20 years of Israel.
R u s s o l i , F r a n c o .
Modigliani drawings. London, Thames & Hudson, 1969.
35 p. Illus.
S a m u e l , V i s c o u n t .
A lifetime in Jerusalem. London, Vallentine, Mitchell,
1970. 352 p.
S a n d m e l , S a m u e l ,
ed. Old Testament issues. London, S.C.M., 1969. 265 p.
(Forum Books)
Studies on the Old Testament and its background by lay and clerical
scholars of many denominations (Jewish and Christian), edited by a
distinguished Jewish scholar.
S c h i l p p ,
P. A., and
F r i e d m a n ,
M., eds. The philosophy of Martin Buber.
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1969. 82 p. (Library of Living
S c h m e l z ,
U. O., and
G l i k s o n ,
P., eds. Jewish population studies, 1961-
1968. London, Institute of Jewish Affairs, 1970. 174 p.
Survey of the field of Jewish demography.
S c h o f i e l d ,
J. N. Law, Prophets and Writings: the religion of the books of
the Old Testament. London,
S .P .C .K . ,
1969. 386 p.
The president of the Society of Old Testament Study advocates the
fundamental importance of the Hebrew Bible as a foundation of beliefs
upon which the three world faiths are built.
S c h o n f i e l d , H u g h
J. The Suez Canal: in peace and war, 1869-1969: rev.
ed. London, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1969. 214 p.
Covers the history of the canal, its development and future.
S e n d r e y , A l f r e d .
Music in Ancient Israel. London, Vision, 1969. 674 p.
Comprehensive study of the music of the ancient Hebrews.
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