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S h a h a m ,
N. Journey in the Land of Israel. Trans, from Hebrew by I. M.
Lask. London, Bailey Bros., 1969. 136 p.
S i n g e r , I s a a c B a s h e v i s .
The family Moskat. London, Panther, 1969. 604 p.
--------- . The seance and other stories. London, Cape, 1970. 276 p.
S l a n s k a , M m e . J o s e f a .
Report on my husband. Trans, from Czech by E.
Pargetter. London, Hutchinson, 1969. 280 p.
Contemporary reports, speeches and memoirs.
S l i n g o v a , M a r i a n .
Truth will prevail. London, Merlin, 1969. 126 p.
The author’s husband, Otto Sling, a Jew, was tried and executed in
the Slansky trial. The book was written after the invasion of Czecho-
S u l z b e r g e r , C y r u s
L. A long row of candles: memoirs and diaries (1934-
1954). London, Macdonald, 1969. 877 p.
Reminiscences of the noted American journalist including his meet-
ings with notable Jewish political figures.
T h o r l b y ,
A. K., ed. The Penguin companion to literature: vol. 2. Euro-
pean. London, Penguin, 1969. 907 p.
Guide to entries by language and country, including Hebrew and
Yiddish poets and writers.
T h u b r o n , C o l i n .
Jerusalem. London, Heinemann, 1969. 256 p.
People and places in the Holy City illustrated with over 70 photo-
T o y n b e e , A r n o l d ,
ed. The crucible of Christianity: Judaism, Hellenism
and the historical background to the Christian faith. London, Thames &
Hudson, 1969. 268 p.
V a n c e , V i c k ,
L a u e r , P i e r r e ,
eds. Hussein of Jordan: my war with
Israel. London, Peter Owen, 1969.
V i l n a y , Z e v .
The new Israel atlas: Bible to modern day. Maidenhead, Me-
Graw-Hill, 1969. 112 p. 114 maps.
V i t e l e s , H a r r y .
History of the co-operative movement in Israel: central
agricultural co-operatives. London, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1970. 750 p.
V o g e l , R o l f ,
ed. The German path to Israel: a documentation. London,
Oswald Wolff, 1970. 325 p.
o r g r i m l e r ,
H., ed. Commentary on the documents of Vatican II. Trans,
from German by W. C. Doepel and H. Graef. London, Burns & Oates;
Freiburg, Herder, 1969. 346 p.
Contains commentaries on the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy, De-
cree on the Instruments of Social Communication, Dogmatic Constitu-
tion of the Church and Decree on Eastern Catholic Churches.
W a l l a c h , M i c h a e l , e d .
The Jewish year book 1969 (5729-30). London,
Jewish Chronicle, 1969. 333 p.
Standard reference work.
W e i n t r a u b , D o v .
Immigration and social change: agricultural settlement
o f
new immigrants in Israel. Manchester, University Press, 1969.
W e i z m a n n , C h a im .
Letters and papers of: series “A”, letters, vol. 1. Lon-
don, Oxford University Press, 1969.
W e r t h , A l e x a n d e r .
Russia: hopes and fears. London, Barrie & Rockliff
Cresset, 1969. 352 p.