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m er ica
Jewish L ife in Many Lands,
a selected bibliography, prepared
by Vivian Silberstein of the Library of The Jewish Theological
Seminary of America.
A special feature of the 1969 Jewish Book Month was a Jewish
authors lecture circuit that brought eminent Jewish writers and
thinkers to Jewish book fairs conducted by four midwestern Jew-
ish Community Centers. The Detroit Jewish Community Center,
which has been featuring distinguished Jewish authors at its
annual Jewish Book Fair for many years, created the lecture cir-
cuit in cooperation with the JWB Lecture Bureau.
Program Materials and Booklists
A Program Materials Committee, under the chairmanship of
Dr. Emil Lehman, was appointed to explore possibilities of de-
veloping new aids for Jewish book programming. In addition to
the items mentioned above, the following publications have been
Jewish Book Arts and Crafts Projects
by Ruth Sharon and
Reviewing Jewish Books: Some Questions and Answers
by Dr.
Toby Lelyveld.
A completely revised edition of
Jewish Reference Books: A
Select List
by Professor Herbert C. Zafren was published.
Jewish Book Annual
Essays dealing with Jewish literature in Persia, Israel and
European countries were among the articles in Volume 27 of the
Jewish Book Annual.
It also listed and briefly described 830 books
of Jewish interest published in the United States, Israel and Great
Britain during the twelve month period ending May, 1969.
“Year after year the appearance of the
Jewish Book Annual
proclaims that there are sophisticated Jewish writers who are not
blinded by the allurements and the blandishments of Mammon
and Eros,” Dr. A. Alan Steinbach, editor of the
stated in
his introduction. “Unlike the small but highly talented and highly
vocal gentry who feel peisecuted by their own Jewishness and,
consciously or unconsciously, seeek sublimation in the aberration
that Jewishness is a chronic sickness, the writers represented in
this volume of the
have added a robust and positive
dimension to Jewish culture. They have made an enduring con-
tribution to Hebrew letters; they have associated themselves with
the affirmation that expanding the frontiers of Jewish knowledge
is an imperative urgency for Jewish survival.”
Once again we express our appreciation to those whose gen-
erous support has made possible the publication of the
notably Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen, Dr. Gilbert Klaperman and Dr.