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Jewish literature have been an inspiring force in our work." The
presentation was made following a moving tribute to Dr. Mark
by Mr. Leon Rubinstein, newly elected vice-president of the
The following resolution was unanimously adopted:
Solomon Kerstein: In Memoriam
“Solomon Kerstein, who went to his eternal reward on
November 2, 1969, was a founder and vice-president of the
Jewish Book Council of America, and for many years a
member of its Executive Board and of the Editorial Advisory
Board of the
Jewish Book Annual.
His dedication to the
Jewish book and to the broader spectrum of Jewish culture,
in English, Hebrew and Yiddish, was profoundly engrained
in his Jewish consciousness. As Vice-President of the Bloch
Publishing Company, he produced and edited its book bul-
letin into a valuable compendium of book lore.
“He was associated with the Jewish National Fund for
more than forty years, and with the National Council of
Torah Education of Mizrachi-Hapoel Mizrachi from its in-
ception. In addition, he was a constructive and benedictive
influence in Jewish organizations centered in Canada and in
“His monograph in Yiddish, 6Jewish Book Collections in
American Libraries and Universities’ appeared in Volumes
3 and 4 of the
Jewish Book Annual,
and his article in English
‘Rabbi Judah Leib Maimon,’ in Volume 21. His writings
appeared in the
Day-Morning Journal
with regularity, and
as a reporter of Jewish significant events, he demonstrated a
keen insight for journalistic analysis.
“The Jewish Book Council of America has lost a pro-
foundly committed fellow worker. Not only his family, but
all the organizations he served with selfless devotion, have
been bereft. To his wife and family, especially, we convey
our deep sympathy. Of him we may declare:
Zekher tzaddik
The main feature of the annual meeting was the presentation
by Dr. Nadich of the literary awards, which are enumerated else-
where in this volume. Citations and prizes totalling $ 2,300 were
awarded. The meeting concluded with the traditional reception
in honor of the award winners and the citation recipients.