Page 280 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 28

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
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D r . A v r a h a m H o l t z ,
associate professor of modern Hebrew lit-
erature, Jewish Theological Seminary of America; author
of forthcoming volumes:
If I Forget Thee
A Study of
I. D. Berkowitz.
I t z h a k I v r y ,
editor of the Hebrew weekly
author of
essays on modern Hebrew literature and Middle East prob-
D r . J a c o b K a b a k o f f ,
associate professor of Hebrew, Lehman Col-
lege of the City University of New York; author of
of American Hebrew L iterature
D r . N a t h a n
K a g a n o f f ,
librarian-editor, American Jewish
Historical Society, Waltham, Mass.
R u t h
K a n n e r ,
Livingston Free Public Library, Livingston,
N. J.; former book and library advisor, United Parent-
Teachers Association of Jewish Education Committee of New
D r .
E d w a r d K ie v ,
librarian, Hebrew Union College-Jewish
Institute of Religion, New York.
D r . S o l L i p t z in , a u th o r o f
The Flowering of Yiddish Literature,
The Maturing of Yiddish Literature
a n d s e v e ra l o t h e r b o o k s .
C h a r l e s
M a d i s o n ,
former managing editor, Holt, Rinehart
and Winston; author of
Book Publishing in America
Yiddish Literature: Its Scope and Major Writers
as Eminent Americans
), among others.
H e n r y M a r g o l i s ,
director, Bureau of Jewish Education,
D r . Y u d e l M a r k , e d i t o r - in - c h ie f ,
The Great Dictionary of the
Yiddish Language.
D r . J u d a h N a d i c h ,
rabbi, Park Avenue Synagogue, New York;
author of
Eisenhower and the Jews;
editor and translator of
The Flowering of Modern Hebrew Literature,
by Menachem
Ribalow; Senior Jewish Chaplain, European Theater, World
War II.
R a b b i T o v i a P r e s c h e l ,
professor of Talmud, Teachers’ Institute,
Jewish Theological Seminary of America.
H a r o l d
R i b a l o w ,
author and editor of more than fifteen
books, the most recent of which is
My Name A loud ,
an an-
thology of American-Jewish short stories.
M o s h e S t a r k m a n , a s s o c ia te e d i t o r o f
Lexikon fun der Nayer Yid-
disher Literatur.