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inclusive, without special preference for a particular branch of
Jewish scholarship.
Oxford University Press lists Judaica materials in four other
series: “Clarendon Bible”—three titles dealing with Biblical and
post-exilic Jewish history; “New Clarendon Bible”—three more
titles on the early pre-common era period of Jewish history; “His-
tories of Nations”—two titles, and “London Oriental Series”-
four titles on Jewish history and Jewish law during the Second
Princeton University Press has a special series “Jewish
Symbols in the Greco-Roman Period”—a massive work in 13 vol-
umes by E. R. Goodenough, whose publication took many years.
Three titles on Old Testament studies by J. Pritchard are listed
in the series “Princeton Studies on the Near East.”
5. Rutgers University Press has a series in “The World History
of the Jewish People.” The following three works were brought
out as of now:
A t the Dawn of Civilization: A Background of
Biblical History
edited by Ephraim A. Speiser (1965);
The Dark
Ages: 700-1096
edited by Cecil Roth (1966);
The Patriarchs
edited by Benjamin Mazar (1969).
It is noteworthy that
Library Journal
reported that a special
panel of librarians selected Speiser’s work as “of particular interest
to high school and public libraries.” 9 For that matter, many other
Judaica materials produced by university presses are of wide pub-
lie interest and would undoubtedly be published by profit seeking
commercial publishers.
6. Wayne State University Press has a series “The Morris and
Emma Shaver Publications Fund for Jewish Studies.” The follow-
ing eight titles were published by this fund:
Onions and Cucum-
bers and Plums: 46 Yiddish Poems in English
by Sarah Z. Betsky
Ancient Jewish Philosophy
by Israel I. Efros (1964);
files of Eleven
by Melech Epstein (1965);
The Sacred Portal:
A Primary Symbol of Ancient Judaic Art
by Bernard Goldman
The Political World of American Zionism,
by Samuel
Halperin (1961);
Hayim Greenberg Anthology
edited by Marie
Syrkin (1968);
Louis Marshall, Defender of Jewish R igh ts
Morton Rosenstoch (1966);
The Jew W ithin American Society:
A Study in Ethnic Individuality
by Bezalel C. Sherman (1965).
The special preference for works on Labor Zionism by this series
may have been stipulated by its founder.
7. Yale University Press lists eighteen titles in “Yale Judaica
Series.” Eleven are translations of the Code of Maimonides. Four
are Rabbinic and Midrashic texts:
The Fathers According to
Library Journal,
June 15, 1965, p. 2766 ff.