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Correspondingly, a number of Judaica with a distinctive regional
flavor or regional interest were published in different parts of
the country, e.g.
The Jewish Soldiers from Michigan in the Civil
by Irving I. Katz, Wayne State University Press (1962);
Colonia Baron Hirsch: A Jewish Agricultural Colony in Argentina
by Morton D. Winsberg, University of Florida Press (1964);
somewhat related to regional orientation is Don Halpern’s
Ancient Synagogues of the Iberian Peninsula,
University of
Florida Press (1969).
E. A number of works were produced by university presses on
Jews and Jewish endeavor in American society. We already men-
tioned Bezalel C. Sherman’s
The Jew Within American Society.
Irving Malin’s
Jews and Americans,
Southern Illinois University
Press (1965), is of special interest since the author “analyzes the
significance of contemporary Jewish writing and the subtle con-
flict in Jews writing in a Gentile society, and suggests solutions
and rationalizations being produced by these writers.” Nathan
Beyond the M elting Pot,
MIT Press (1963), devotes an
entire section to the Jewish minority.
Some works, though not entirely related to Jews or Judaism,
include important studies in Jewish history, philosophy, religion,
etc. As illustrations, we single out the following three titles:
K ing is Dead: Studies in Near Eastern Resistance to Hellenism,
334-31 B.C.E.
by Samuel Eddy, University of Nebraska Press
Athens and Jerusalem
by Lev Shestov, Ohio University
Press (1966);
Order and History,
by Eric Voegelin, in six volumes
of which the first deals with Israel and Revelation, Louisiana State
University Press (1956/57). Incidentally, these last two titles were
also selected by their respective publishers as having made the
strongest impact in the last quarter of a century.
Works dealing with social and political developments in the
Middle East in this century, irrespective of an author’s political
orientation concerning the Arab-Israel struggles, must include
valuable materials on Jewish history, colonization in Palestine,
the emergence of Israel, etc. In this group belong
M iddle East in
by Carol Fisher, Syracuse University Press (1969);
The Arab
Israeli Dilemma
by Fred Khouri, Syracuse University Press (1968);
and a number of other titles.
F. University presses consider among their primary respon-
sibilities the production of esoteric works of interest to a limited
group of specialists in a given field. Some Judaica titles fit the
description, e.g.
Jewish Proselytizing in the First Five Centuries of
the Common Era
by William G. Braude, Brown University Press
Directory of the Association of American University Presses