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Immigrants From India in Israel: Planned Change in an
Administrated Community
by Gilbert Kushner, University of
Arizona Press (in press);
Guide to Jewish References in the
Mexican Colonial Era
by Seymour B. Liebman, University of
Pennsylvania Press (1964);
Ras Shamra Discoveries and the O ld
by Arvid S. Kopelard, University of Oklahoma Press
The Origin of the Modern Jew: Jewish Iden tity and Euro-
pean Culture in Germany, 1749-1824,
by Michael A. Meyer,
Wayne State University Press (1967);
The Dead Sea Scrolls and
the Early Church
by Lucetta Mowry, University of Notre Dame
Press (1966);
A Biographical Dictionary of Early American Jews:
Colonial Times Through 1800
by Joseph R. Rosenbloom, Uni-
versity of Kentucky Press (1960).
We may sum up our observations as follows:
The motivations and purposes which guide university presses
in their general publishing policies apply also to Judaica mate-
rials. The scope of Judaica includes Bible, Jewish history and
archeology, religion and philosophy, literature, linguistics, socio-
logy and Jewish law. Selections of Judaica titles by various presses
reflect an interest in subject matter in the above order, Bible
appearing at the top of the list and Jewish law at the bottom.
A university’s interest in a program of Jewish learning is usually
attested by a larger offering of Judaica in the press’ catalog. In
view of the growing tendency on American campuses to develop
such programs, more Judaica materials can be expected from
university presses. This last hopeful assumption is, of course,
predicated upon the availability of creative scholars in the many
disciplines of Jewish learning.
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