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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
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N o ’am
is a forum for the clarification of contemporary
halakhic problems. The bulletin of the Scientific Technological
Institute for Halakhic Problems is concerned with the inter-
pretation of Jewish law in the light of modern production and
public service demands. Dozens of periodicals published by
various yeshivot and organizations deal with Jewish law from
a traditionalist point of view and in a traditional manner and
consist to a large extent of
(novellae) on various pas-
sages in the Talmud and Codes; e.g.,
Ha-Ma’yan, Ha-Neeman,
Ko l Torah, Bikurim, Kovets Torani Ma’yan ha-Torah.
In addition to Jewish religious publications, there are a num-
ber of periodicals dealing with other religious groups in Israel.
The Ministry of Religious Affairs publishes a Muslim news
bulletin and a Druze news bulletin, and, of course, the various
Arabic language newspapers and journals contain material of
interest. The Ministry also publishes
Christian News from Israel,
the Catholic Archibishopric of Galilee issues a bulletin in Arabic,
the Israel Convention of Baptists publishes period-
icals in Hebrew (
) and English (.
Ha-Yahad Digest),
Proche-Orient Chretien
Terre Sainte
are published
by Christian institutions in Jerusalem.
Economic Publications
The economic sector of Israeli life also generates much period*
ical publishing. Government publications in this field have al-
ready been mentioned. A number of other journals appear
dealing with the Israeli economic scene in general, such as
Kalkalan, R iv ’on le-Kalkalah
and the
Israel Economist.
tually every branch of the economy is represented by a trade
association and its publication: e.g., the Manufacturers’ As-
the Bankers’ Association (
R iv ’on le•
The Israel Institute of Productivity (
Ha-Mif’a l
the Medical Association (
); Association of Engineers
and Architects (
Handasah ve-Adrikhalut)',
and certified public
accountants (
Roeh ha-Heshbon).
W ithin each branch there are
periodical publications for specific products, industries and in-
dividual companies. The petroleum industry has some eight
publications alone, including
Be-’Olam ha-Delek
published by the Israel Institute of Petroleum; the
rest are corporation reports and company bulletins. Such indus-
tries as diamonds
and tourism (
the Israel Hotel Association bulletin), important to the Israeli
economy, are represented in the periodical press, as well as the
more routine industries such as insurance (
B etihu t).
In view of the dominant role of Labor Zionism in the Jewish
state it is not surprising to find many labor union publications.