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be made of several journals dealing with music. The annuals
published by the Jewish Music Research Centre of the
Hebrew University,
published by the Israel Institute for
Sacred Music, and
published by the Music Museum and
Library in Haifa, are the scholarly publications in this field,
while the monthly
G itit
is a more general publication. Several
of the literary journals devote much attention to art, especially
Gazit, Kav
Even photography has its own annual,
Shenaton Yisrael le-Omanut ha-Tsilum.
Of course,
all the arts in its survey of Israeli culture.
One aspect of cultural activity of particular importance in
Israel is education at all levels and this is reflected in the large
number of periodicals dealing with the various apects of Israeli
education. The two leading educational journals are published
by the Histadrut ha-Morim be-Erets Yisrael (association of Is-
raeli teachers):
H ed ha-Hinukh,
devoted to educational and pro-
fessional matters, and
concerned with pedagogy and
educational psychology. The government, both at the national
and municipal level, publishes many periodicals dealing with
education, while the major kibbuts movements and the His-
tadrut all publish in this field. Many academic disciplines also
have their own journals, such as music
(Ha-Hinukh ha-Musikali),
history (
Yedi’on la-Moreh le-Historyah),
physics (
Gilyonot le-
Moreh ha-Fisikah
) , and even physical education
Journals are also published for various levels of
education; e.g.,
for secondary school teachers, and
H ed
for kindergarten teachers. Many periodicals are pub-
lished for teachers in religiously oriented schools such as the
previously mentioned
Bi-Sedeh Hemed
(association of religious
teachers) and
N iv ha-Moreh
(Agudas Israel). At the university
level, a great many periodicals are published. Many of these
are, of course, official publications such as catalogues and reg-
isters. The universities also publish more general journals deal-
ing with the specific university and also with university educa-
tion in general.
(Hebrew University),
(Technion-Israel Institute of Technology) and
(Weizmann Institute of Science) are particularly noteworthy in
this respect. Finally, mention should be made of the many period-
icals published by an increasingly vocal segment of the univer-
sity community, the students. In addition to student literary and
political journals, the student organizations at the various uni-
versities issue journals which deal with university affairs from
their viewpoint. Such publications exist on the campuses of Heb-
rew University (
N itsots
), Bar-Ilan University
(Ba t-Ko l)
, Haifa
(Kaftor va-Ferah),
and T e l Aviv University
) , to name the most substantial journals.
In addition to periodicals dealing with the more formal as­