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ew is h
e f e r e n c e
ook s
note (except dictionaries, where it is given as the proper t i t le ) .
Dates and edition statements are those given in the copies we
have examined; later printings, and even later editions, may be
available. Prices are, of course, approximate and are not given
at all for works known to be out of print.
Not all Jewish information is to be found in Jewish books.
Standard dictionaries,* encyclopedias and bibliographies have
much Jewish material; and special subject reference books in
history, literature, art, sociology, and especially in religion should
be given consideration in rounding ou t the reference collection
of the Jewish library.
This bibliography was originally published in the
Jewish Book
volume 20 (1962) and made available in reprint form.
With the aid of students who took the course in Jewish biblio-
graphy that I offer from time to time, I reevaluated the books
originally selected, comparing them with books published both
before and after 1962. The result is that the additions are largely,
but not exclusively, recent books. In order to make space—as well
as to be realistic—books known to be out of print are, for the
most part, not included. Some changes were made as a result of
criticism sought and received from members of the Synagogue,
School and Center Library Division of the Association of Jewish
Libraries at a session of the convention of AJL in Atlantic City
in June of 1969.
It is with much appreciation that I thank the following for
their very valued criticism and suggestions: Abraham Berger,
former Chief, Jewish Division, The New York Public Library;
Dr. Charles Berlin, Lee M. Friedman Bibliographer in Judaica,
Harvard University; Mr. Jacob I. Dienstag, Librarian, Yeshiva
University; Rabbi Philip Goodman, Executive Secretary, Jewish
Book Council of America; Dr. I. Edward Kiev, Librarian, Hebrew
Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, New York; Dr. Isidore
S. Meyer, former Librarian, American Jewish Historical Society;
Dr. Menahem Schmelzer, Librarian, Jewish Theological Seminary
of America; and Mrs. Mae Weine, President, Association of Jewish
Libraries and Librarian, Beth Israel Library, Camden, New
Jersey. For supplying many current prices, I am indebted to
Mrs. Isabelle Linden, secretary of the Jewish Book Council of
* One of the best small handbooks for general reference books is Mary
Neill Barton’s
Reference Books,
Baltimore, Enoch Pratt Library, 1959.