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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
S h u n a m i , S h l o m o .
Bibliography of Jewish Bibliographies. 2nd ed. Jerusalem,
Magnes Press, Hebrew University, 1965. 992 p. Reprint: 1970. $30.00.
A major compilation, well over twice the size of the first edition.
H e b r e w U n i o n C o l l e g e - J e w i s h I n s t i t u t e o f R e l i g i o n . L i b r a r y . D i c t i o n a r y
C a t a lo g o f t h e K la u L ib r a r y , C in c i n n a t i . B o s t o n ,
K . H a l l ,
v o l s .
The card catalog of this Hebraica-Judaica library reproduced in book
form. Authors, titles, subjects in one alphabetical sequence.
H a r v a r d U n i v e r s i t y L i b r a r y .
Catalog of Hebrew Books. Cambridge, Mass.,
Harvard University Library. 1968. 6 vols. $225.00.
In addition to Harvard’s holdings, it contains other printed Library of
Congress Hebrew cards. The
Catalog of Hebrew and Yiddish T itles of
the Jewish Collection, The New York Public Library
(Boston, G. K. Hall,
1960; 3 vols. $145.00) is also to be considered; the complete catalog of the
Jewish Division is out of print.
Kirjath Sepher. Jerusalem, Magnes Press, Hebrew University. $8.00 per
“Bibliographical Quarterly of the Jewish National and University
Library.” The “national bibliography” of Israel as well as very good
coverage for Jewish printed materials from all over the world. Now in
its 44th year. There is also an
Index to Studies, Notes, and Reviews,
Volumes I-XL
(Supplement to Kirjath Sepher, vol. XLI), Jerusalem
Katalog (Sefarim) Kelali, 1969. Tel-Aviv, Book Publishers Association of
Israel, 1969. 306 p. -}- 3 indexes. $4.00.
Similar, for Israel, to the American
Publishers’ Trade List Annual
Books in Print.
Contains Israeli publishers’ catalogs and indexes of
titles, authors, and subjects.
Jewish Book Annual. Vol. 27, 5730/1969-1970. New York, Jewish Book Council
of America, 1969. 227 p. $6.00. Vols. 1-24 (1942-1966) available from Kraus
Reprint Co., $10.00 to $12.00 each. Vols. 25-26 (1967-1968) from Jewish
Book Council, $6.00 each.
Contains bibliographies and articles on current Jewish books in English,
Hebrew, and Yiddish. Includes bibliographical and biographical essays
on various aspects of Jewish literature.
Index to Jewish Periodicals. Ed. by Miriam Leikind. Cleveland, College of
Jewish Studies Press, 1963-68. 5 vols. $35.00 each. Vol. 1, 0. P.
“An author and subject index to selected American and Anglo-Jewish
journals of general and scholarly interest.” Currently indexes nearly 50
periodicals in English.
J o e l , I s s a c h a r .
Reshimat Maamarim be-Madae ha-Yahadut: No. 1:5726-1966.
Jerusalem, Magnes Press, Hebrew University, 1969. 136 p. $4.00.
“Index of Articles on Jewish Studies.” A listing of nearly 2500 articles
in classified order that appeared in Hebrew periodicals and collections
in 5726 and periodicals and collections in other languages in 1966. The
first issue of a series.
G r a y z e l , S o l o m o n .
A Booklist for the Jewish Adult. New York, Jewish Book
Council of America, 1966. 16 p. $.10.
Almost 150 popular Jewish books covering many subjects.