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ew is h
e f e r e n c e
ook s
Selected Paperbound Books of Jewish Interest. New York, Jewish Book
Council of America, 1968. 15 p. $.20.
C e l n i k , M a x
I s a a c C e l n i k .
A Bibliography on Judaism and Jewish■
Christian Relations. New York, Anti-Defamation League of B ’nai B'rith,
5725 [1965]. 68 p. $1.00.
Annotated list of almost BOO books in English, almost exclusively by
Jews, on the history, literature, beliefs, practices, and institutions of
Judaism and on the Christian-Jewish encounter.
A Booklist for the Jewish Child. New York, Jewish Book Council of America,
1967. 40 p. $.25.
Arranged by broad subjects; good annotations including age level in-
K a s t l e , H a r o l d
D. 658 stories. New York, Jewish Education Committee, 1956.
165 p. $2.50.
Classified list of stories on Jewish topics, arranged according to age-
levels; annotated.
The Jewish Encyclopedia. Edited by Isidore Singer. New York, Funk and
Wagnalls, 1901-1906. Reprint: New York, Ktav Publishing, 1964. 12 vols.
The scholarly, authoritative English encyclopedia. In some respects,
now out of date.
The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia. Edited by Isaac Landman. New York,
Universal Jewish Encyclopedia Inc., 1939-1943. Reprint: New York, Ktav
Publishing, 1969. 10 vols. and “Reading Guide and Index.” $150.00.
Popular and well illustrated. The “Reading Guide and Index” was
compiled in a separate volume (1944), by Simon Cohen.
The Jewish People: Past and Present. New York, Jewish Encyclopedic Hand-
books, Central Yiddish Culture Organization, 1952-1955. 4 vols. $40.00.
A collection of monographs in various areas of Jewish life, encyclopedic
in scope. The 4th volume deals with American Jewish life.
The Jews: Their History, Culture and Religion. Edited by Louis Finkelstein.
3rd ed. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1960. 2 vols.
Arranged in subject essay form; encyclopedic in scope. Bibliographies;
The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia. Edited by Cecil Roth. New revised 3rd
ed. Garden City, New York, Doubleday, 1966. 1978 cols. $14.95.
Concise, current information. Illustrations, some in color.
The Junior Jewish Encyclopedia. Edited by Naomi Ben-Asher and others.
6th revised ed. New York, Shengold, 1967. 350 p. $7.95.
A good, illustrated work for younger people.
Ha-Entsiklopedyah ha-Ivrit. Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Massada and Encyclopaedia
Publishing Co., 1949-1960. Vols. 1-19, 21 and Suppl. to 1-16. $14.00 each.
A general encyclopedia with Jewish and Israeli emphasis. High
quality, excellent illustrations, comprehensive. In progress (through