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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
B e n -Y e h u d a , E l i e z e r .
Dictionary and Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language.
New York, London, Yoseloff, 1960. 8 vols. $120.00.
The basic Hebrew-Hebrew dictionary.
E v e n - S h o s h a n , A b r a h a m .
Ha-Milon he־Hadash. Jerusalem, “Kiryat Sepher,”
1966-1968. 5 vols. $7.00 each.
The authoritative Hebrew-Hebrew dictionary of modern Hebrew in a
revised edition. In progress (through “Tsadi”).
Ben Yehuda’s Pocket English-Hebrew Dictionary. Hebrew-English Die-
tionary. Edited by Ehud Ben-Yehuda and David Weinstein. New York,
Washington Square Press, 1961. 306, 320 p. $.90.
A l c a l a y , R e u b e n .
The Complete Hebrew-English Dictionary. Hartford, Conn.,
Prayer Book Press, 1965. 2884 cols. $18.95.
A l c a l a y , R e u b e n .
The Complete English-Hebrew Dictionary. Hartford, Conn.,
Prayer Book Press, 1962. 4270 cols. $18.95.
T s a n i n , M o r d e c a i . M i lo n I v r i -Y id i S h a l em . T e l - A v i v , L e t s t e N a y e s ,
1960. 2
v o l s .
Hebrew-Yiddish dictionary. Other features include a useful list of
Hebrew abbreviations, their equivalents, and Yiddish meanings.
Groyser Verterbukh fun der Yidisher Shprakh. Edited by Judah A. Joffe
and Yudel Mark. New York, Yiddish Dictionary Committee, 1961-1966.
2 vols. $20.00 each.
“Great Dictionary of the Yiddish Language.” The first two of ten
projected volumes which will comprise an “all-inclusive,” scholarly Yid-
dish-Yiddish dictionary.
e i n r e i c h
, U
r i e l
Modern English-Yiddish, Yiddish-English Dictionary. New
York, YIVO, McGraw-Hill, 1968. 370, 420 p. $18.00.
L e v i n e , J a c o b L o e b .
Verterbikhl fun Hebre’ish-Yidishe Verter. New York,
CYCO Froyen Centrale, 1958. 192 p. $1.50.
Dictionary of Hebrew words in Yiddish.
S t u c h k o f f , N a h u m .
Otsar ha-Safah ha-Ivrit. New York, Shulsinger Brothers,
1968. 885 p. $19.95.
“Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language.” Conceptual arrangement with
alphabetical index. Includes section (p. 585-706) of quotations. Edited by
Elchanan Indelman and Israel Ben-David.
S t u c h k o f f , N a h u m .
Der Otsar
f u n
der Yidisher Shprakh.
N e w
York, YIVO
1950. 933 p. $10.00.
“Thesaurus of the Yiddish Language.” Conceptual arrangement with
alphabetical index.
A s h k e n a z i , S h m u e l
and Dov
J a r d e n .
Ozar Rashe Tevot: Thesaurus of Hebrew
Abbreviations. Jerusalem, Rubin Mass, 1966. 599 cols. $5.00.
J a s t r o w , M a r c u s .
A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and
Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. Reprint: New York Pardes
1950. 2 vols. (1736 p.) $10.00.
English definitions; many selections from the literature as examples.
K l a t z k i n , J a c o b .
Otsar ha-Munahim ha-Filosofiyim ve-Antologyah Filosofit.
Berlin, Eschkol, 1926-1934. Reprint: New York, P. Feldheim, 1968. $28.00.
4 vols. in 2.
The basic dictionary of Hebrew philosophical terms. German equi-
valents and Hebrew explanations. The original edition had five volumes;
the first, the anthology, was not reprinted.