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n n u a l
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N e w m a n , L o u i s
I. and
S a m u e l S p i t z .
The Hasidic Anthology: Tales and
Teachings of the Hasidim. New York, Bloch, 1944. 720 p. Reprint: New
York, Schocken, 1963. $2.95, paper.
Arranged by detailed subjects. Includes bibliography and several
N e w m a n , L o u i s
I. and
S a m u e l S p i t z .
Maggidim and Hasidim: Their Wisdom.
New York, Bloch, 1962. 248 p. $5.50.
A companion volume to
The Hasidic Anthology.
Includes parables,
epigrams, proverbs, etc. 327 rubrics alphabetically arranged. Lacks index.
K r e s s e l ,
G. Leksikon ha-Sifrut ha-Ivrit ba־Dorot ha־Aharonim. Merhavia,
Sifriat Poalim, 1965-1967. 2 vols. $12.50 each.
“Cyclopedia of Modem Hebrew Literature.” Very detailed, arranged
alphabetically by authors. Good bibliographies for many entries.
K l a u s n e r , J o s e p h .
Historyah shel ha-Sifrut ha-Ivrit ha-Hadashah. 2nd ed.
Jerusalem, Achiasaf, 1950-1955. 6 vols. $24.50.
A history of modern Hebrew literature.
O r y n o w s k i (B e n -O r ) , A a r o n .
Toledot ha-Sifrut ha-Ivrit ha-Hadashah. Tel-
Aviv, Izreel, 1959. 3 vols. $9.90.
Handy work on modern Hebrew literature.
, S
. Modern Hebrew Literature: T rends and Values. New York,
1950. 238
p. R eprinted
1970. $6.00.
Paperbound ,
Includes alphabetical guide to authors and an index.
G o e l l , Y o h a i .
Bibliography of Modern Hebrew Literature in English Trans-
lation. Jerusalem, etc., Israel Universities Press, 1968 (New York, Ktav
Publishing, 1968). 110+22 p. $8.95.
About 7500 references to Hebrew literature in English translation, from
about 1880 through 1965. Arranged by categories (poetry, drama, etc.)
with full indexing.
Leksikon fun der Nayer Yidisher Literatur. New York, Congress for Jewish
Culture, 1956-1968. 7 vols. $10.00 each.
“A Biographical Dictionary of Modern Yiddish Literature.” In progress
(through the letter “Tsadi”).
L e f t w i c h , J o s e p h .
The Golden Peacock. New York, Yoseloff, 1961. 722 p.
O. P.
A revised edition of a giant anthology of Yiddish poetry, in translation.
C h a j e s , S a u l .
Otsar Beduye ha-Shem. Vienna, Glanz, 1933. Reprint: Hilde-
sheim, G. Olms, 1967. 335 (+ 1 0+ 6 6 ) p.
Key to pseudonyms in Hebrew and Yiddish literature. Includes list
of sources and an index of authors.
The Torah: The Five Books of Moses. Second ed. Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society, 1967. 393 p. $5.00.
“A new translation of The Holy Scriptures according to the Masoretic
text. First section.” Until the rest of the Bible appears in the new
translation, this first part must be supplemented by one of the editions
of the 1917 Jewish translation published by J. P. S.