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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
The Mishnah. Translated, introduced and annotated by Herbert Danby.
New York, Oxford University Press, 1950. 844 p. $8.00.
Mishnayoth. Translated by Philip Blackman. 2nd ed. New York, Judaica
Press, 1963-1964. 7 vols. $50.00 library ed. $37.50 popular ed.
Pointed text of the Mishnah and English translation side by side;
notes. Vol. 7 contains indexes, grammar, supplements, and appendices.
G o l d s c h m i d t , L a z a r u s .
Oznayim la-Torah. Edited by Rafael Edelmann.
Copenhagen, Munksgaard; New York, Humanities Press, 1959. 607 p.
“Subject Concordance to the Babylonian Talmud.”
M i e l z i n e r , M o s e s .
Introduction to the Talmud. 4th ed. New York, Bloch,
1968. 415 p. $6.50.
“With a new bibliography, 1925-1967 by Alexander Gutmann,” making
it useful also as a guide to midrashic literature.
E i s e n s t e i n , J u d a h D a v id .
Otsar Ma’amare Hazal. New York, the author,
1922. 437 p. $6.00.
“A Concordance of Quotations, Sayings and Phrases from Talmud and
Midrash.” Arranged alphabetically by subject.
G r o s s , M o s e s D a v id .
Otsar ha-Agadah. Jerusalem, Mosad Harav Kook, 1954-
1955. 3 vols. O.
P .
A thesaurus of quotations from the Mishnah, Tosefta, the Talmuds,
Midrashim and the Zohar. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
S e v e r , M o s h e .
Mikhlol ha-Ma׳amarim veha-Pitgamim. Jerusalem, Mosad
Harav Kook, 1961-1962. 3 vols. $14.00.
Quotation index to Talmud, Midrash, etc.; alphabetical; very full.
Entsiklopedyah Talmudit le-‘Inyane Halakhah. Edited by Meyer Berlin
(Bar-Ilan) and Josef Zevin. Jerusalem, 1947-1967. 12 vols. $7.50 each.
“Talmudic Encyclopedia.” “A digest of halachic literature.. . alpha-
betically arranged.” In progress (through “Hovel”).
Encyclopedia Talmudica. English translation by Isidore Epstein and Harry
Freedman. Jerusalem, Talmudic Encyclopedia Institute, 1969. 1 vol.
A translation of the
Entsiklopedyah T a lm u d i t
. . . In progress (through
En Bishul).
N e w m a n , L o u i s
I. and
S a m u e l S p i t z .
The Talmudic Anthology. New York,
Behrman, 1945. 570 p. $6.50.
Arranged by detailed subjects. Includes bibliography.
M o n t e f i o r e , C l a u d e
G. and
H e r b e r t L o e w e .
A Rabbinic Anthology. Phila-
delphia, Jewish Publication of America, 1960. 962 p. O. P.
Arranged under 31 subjects. General index and other lists.
K o h n , P i n c h a s .
Otsar ha-Be’urim veha-Perushim she-Nithaberu ‘al ha-
Mishnah Tosefta u-Shene ha-Talmudim. London, “Hamadfis,” 1952.
625 p. $10.00.
A bibliography of Hebrew halachic literature, arranged by various
branches of halachic studies. Indexes of titles, authors, and places.
Midrash Rabbah. Translated under the editorship of H. Freedman and M.
Simon. London, Soncino, 1961. 10 vols. $100.00.
With introduction, notes, glossaries, and indexes. Reissue.