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a f r e n
— J
ew is h
e f e r e n c e
ook s
G i n z b e r g , L o u i s .
The Legends of the Jews. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society of America, 1909-1938. 7 vols. $5.00 each.
A comprehensive work including two volumes of notes and one index
volume. An abridged version, in one volume, under the title
Legends of
the Bible,
with introduction by Shalom Spiegel, was published by the
Jewish Publication Society and Simon & Schuster in 1956 (646 p., $6.00).
The Zohar. Translated by Harry Sperling and Maurice Simon. London, Son-
cino, 1931-1934. 5 vols. $35.00.
H y m a n , A a r o n .
Sefer Toledot Tana’im ve-Amora’im. London, 1910. 3 vols.
Reprint: Jerusalem, Boys Town, Feldheim, 1964. $15.00.
Biographical dictionary of persons mentioned in older rabbinic liter-
B i r n b a u m , P h i l i p .
A Book of Jewish Concepts. New York, Hebrew Publishing,
1964. 719 p. $6.95.
Arranged alphabetically by Hebrew terms; English index.
P e a r l , C h a im
R e u b e n
B r o o k e s .
A Guide to Jewish Knowledge. London,
Vallentine, Mitchell; Hartford, Conn., Prayer Book Press, 1956. 118 p.
Brief information on calendar, holidays, religious terms, Jewish liter-
ature and history.
T a r c o v , E d i t h
O s c a r .
The Illustrated Book of Jewish Knowledge. New
York, Friendly House, 1959. 127 p. $3.50.
Definitions of about 1000 words that “lead . . . to an understanding
of the Jewish religion and . . . h istory . . . ” For children.
G a n z f r i e d , S o l o m o n .
Code of Jewish Law: Kitzur Shulhan Arukh. Revised
ed. Translated by Hyman E. Goldin. New York, Hebrew Publishing,
1961. 4 volumes in 1. $3.50.
Famous compilation of laws and customs.
D o p p e l t , F r e d e r i c
A. and
D a v id P o l i s h .
A Guide for Reform Jews. New
York, Bloch, 1957. 148 p. $1.25.
F r e u n d , S a l o m o n
W. Corresponding Date Calendar. . . 1784-2000. New York,
Hebrew Publishing. 370 p. $3.50.
S p i e r , A r t h u r .
The Comprehensive Hebrew Calendar. . . 1900-2000. New
York, Behrman, 1952. 228 p. $6.00.
Corresponding dates, Hebrew and civil calendars, with “Parashioth”
and other specific information. General information on Jewish calendar
E l i a v , M o r d e c a i .
Mi-Yamim Yamimah. Jerusalem, Zionist Organization Youth
and Hechalutz Dept., 1956. 175 p.
A list of anniversaries with a bibliography for each date.
K o l a t c h , A l f r e d
J. These Are the Names. New York, Jonathan David, 1957.
288 p. $3.95.
Very comprehensive lists of equivalent Hebrew and English names.
The criterion for equivalence is meaning, not sound.