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a f r e n
— J
e w is h
e f e r e n c e
V i l n a y , Z ev .
The Guide
t o
Israel. Jerusalem, Ahiever, 1969. 70S
p .
A detailed guide book.
--------- . Holiday Magazine Travel Guide to Israel. Rev. ed. New York, Random
House, 1968. 159 p. $1.65.
A very practical handbook.
L i e b e r , J o e l .
Israel and the Holy Land on $5 & $10 a Day, 1968-69 edition.
New York, Arthur Frommer (Distributed by Simon and Schuster), 1968.
239 p. $2.50.
Useful even to those not on a tight budget.
Israel Government Year Book, 5728/1967-68. Jerusalem, Central Office of
Information, Prime Minister’s Office, 1968. 400 p. $5.00.
A comprehensive manual on the structure, personnel, and functions of
the various branches of the Israel Government. A Hebrew edition is
also available each year.
Facts About Israel. 1969. Jerusalem, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Informa-
tion Division, 1969. 192 p. Request.
Brief factual coverage of the history, people, government, economy,
social welfare, and cultural life of Israel. Illustrations, glossary, reading
Zionist Year Book, 5729/1968-69. Edited by Shaindy Mason. London, Zionist
Federation of Great Britain and N. Ireland, 1968. 508 p. $3.50.
Calendar; population; obituaries; directories of Zionist, Jewish organiza-
tions; biographical articles; Who’s Who. Emphasis on Great Britain.
Publication started in 1952.
Palestine and Zionism. New York, Zionist Archives and Library of the
Palestine Foundation Fund. 10 vols. Vols. 1-4 (1946-1949) O.P.; vols. 5-10
(1950-1956), $3.00 each.
A most important author, title, and subject index to books, pamphlets,
and periodicals on Israel, Palestine, Zionism, Jews, and the Jewish
Jewish Art, an Illustrated History. Edited by Cecil Roth. New York, McGraw•
Hill, 1961. 972 cols. $14.95.
Twenty-one chapters by individual scholars, covering Jewish art from
antiquity to modern times. About 450 illustrations. 12 in color. List, but
not index, of illustrations.
R u b e n s , A l f r e d . A
History of Jewish Costume. New York, Funk & Wagnalls,
1967. 220 p. $10.00.
Lavishly illustrated; bibliography; glossarial index.
I d e l s o h n , A b r a h a m Z e v i .
Jewish Music in its Historical Development. New
York, Tudor, 1948 (cop. 1929). 535 p. Reprint: New York, Schocken, 1967.
$7.50. Paperbound, $2.95.
C o o p e r s m i t h , H a r r y .
The Songs We Sing. New York, United Synagogue, 1950.
453 p. $8.50.
An anthology for home and school.
C o o p e r sm i t h , H a r r y .
The New Jewish Song Book. New York, Behrman, 1965.
192 p. $3.50.
Good for songs for children.