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A p p l e t o n , L e w i s .
Bibliography of Jewish Vocal Music. Revised edition. New
York, National Jewish Music Council, 1968. 128 p. $2.50.
Arranged by categories of music. Contains index of publishers’ names
and addresses.
W e i s s e r , A l b e r t ,
ed. Bibliography of Publications and Other Resources on
Jewish Music. New York, National Jewish Music Council, 1969. 117 p.
B a r o n , J o s e p h
L. A Treasury of Jewish Quotations. New York, Crown, 1956.
Rev. ed: New Brunswick, A. S. Barnes, 1965. 623 p. $8.95.
Arranged alphabetically by topics. Bibliography, subject index, and
author index.
B e c k e r , J a c o b .
Hakhmat ha-Hayim shel ‘Am Yisra’el. Tel-Aviv, Yavneh, 1961.
762 p. $4.00.
Quotations from biblical times till Bialik.
Livni’s Encyclopaedia of Israel Stamps. Tel-Aviv, Sifrut Ma’ariv, 1969. 256 p.
Bibliography of material referring to Israeli stamps.
L in d e n b a u m , A r i e h ,
ed. Judaica: Jews on Stamps. Tel-Aviv, Yesod, 1958.
Looseleaf. $3.00.
Covers various countries. Arranged by fields of achievement with index
of names. Each person has a page for facsimile of the stamp and bio-
graphy in Hebrew and English.
B e l l i n , M i l d r e d G r o s b e r g .
The Jewish Cook Book. New York, Bloch, 1958.
444 p. $4.95.
According to dietary laws. Includes glossary and full index.
C o r n f e l d , L i l i a n .
Israeli Cookery. Westport, Conn., Avi Publishing Co., 1962.
356 p. $4.95.
Arranged in part by geographical origin, in part by type of food.
Includes glossary and index.
G o o d m a n , H a n n a .
Jewish Cooking Around the World, Featuring Gourmet
Recipes. New York, Women’s Organizations’ Services, National Jewish
Welfare Board, 1969. 115 p. $2.50.
Arranged geographically. Includes introduction and “Food for Thought”
by Philip Goodman.
S p a l d in g , H e n r y
D. Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor from Biblical Times to
the Modern Age. New York, Jonathan David, 1969. 456 p. $7.95.
Divided into 39 categories (e.g., Shnorrers, Shlemiels and Shlimazls,
Marriage Brokers, Anti-Semites, Jewish Parents); includes glossary.
Encyclopedia of Jews in Sports. Edited by Bernard Postal, Jesse Silver and
Roy Silver. New York, Bloch, 1965. 526 p. $12.95.
Sports are arranged alphabetically; some chapters have historical divi-
sions; people are arranged alphabetically within each section. Lacks
index. Includes “Brief History” and “Sports in Talmudic Literature.”
Dertsi’ungs Entsiklopedye. Edited by Hyman B. Bass. New York, Congress
for Jewish Culture, 1957-1959. 3 vols. $7.00 each.
Arranged alphabetically by substantial subjects. In progress (through
the letter “Het”).
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