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well as the papers of the prominent Jewish composer, Abraham
Services Provided by the Library
The description of the library of the American Jewish Historical
Society demonstrates the scope and objectives, the rarity and
significance of its collections. Naturally, it must operate within
the framework of certain guide lines in the use of its materials.
The library does not circulate any of its holdings; however, it
will provide inter-library loan service for almost all its material
on condition that the borrowing library will not permit the
material to leave its premises. T h e library will provide photo-
copies of published or manuscript material for research purposes.
The Society is a membership organization depending on the
Jewish community for its support and survival. The exhibit areas
are open to the public and serious students are most welcome to
utilize its facilities, whether they are members or not.
The question may be raised whether the relocation of the
Society from the New York area, with its heavy concentration of
Jews, to the smaller Waltham community, has in any way
affected its utility or its contact with the over-all Jewish com.
munity. A careful survey of the use of the library after two years
in its new headquarters would indicate that reader use has more
than doubled since leaving New York City, and that approxi-
mately 60% of the researchers come from areas other than the
immediate vicinity. Its new home and modern facilities have
brought significant additions to the collections, as well as utiliza-
tion of these materials, and it is hoped that such growth and use
will continue in the future.