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written not only in Hebrew, but also in German, Bulgarian and
Ladino (Judeo-Spanish).
l i j a h
e it u s
80th birthday. Born in Kishinev, Russia, Sep*
tember 27, 1892. In Palestine since 1935, he has been engaged
primarily in the work of translation of the world’s best literature
into Hebrew from English, French, Russian and Yiddish, in addi-
tion to publishing several volumes of Hebrew poetry of his own.
b r a h a m
e n e s
75th birthday. Born in Grodno, Poland, June
29, 1897. For many years he was active in the work of Yivo in
Europe and settled in the United States in 1940. He edited the
Yiddish encyclopedia and its English counterpart,
The Jewish
Encyclopedic Handbooks,
which is not so much an alphabetical
reference work, but rather a collection of longer articles on topics
of Jewish interest.
el ig
e b i
o n d sc h e in
100th anniversary of death. Born in
Bolechov, Galicia, in 1812, died in Jaroslav, Galicia, October 23,
1872. He was an important figure in the Haskalah movement,
editing and contributing to various Hebrew periodicals advocating
this cause, also several Hebrew books on ethics and religion.
Sabato Morais. 75th anniversary of death. Born in Livorno,
Italy, in 1823, died in Philadelphia, November 11, 1897. As rabbi
of Congregation Mikveh Israel in Philadelphia from 1851 until
his death, he was one of the most important spokesmen for Jewish
tradition and became a founder and first president of the Jewish
Theological Seminary of America in New York. In addition to
many articles in the learned and popular press, a volume of his,
Italian Hebrew Literature,
was published posthumously in 1926
and recently reprinted.
u e s sm a n
u n t n e r
75th birthday. Born in Kolomea, Galicia,
September 20, 1897. A physician, who has been living in Jerusalem
since 1933, he has been professor of the history of medicine at the
Hebrew University. His major contribution has been the Hebrew
translation of Maimonides’s medical writings, originally written
in Arabic.
a y y im
e in e s
70th birthday. Born in Lithuania, October
11, 1902. A rabbinic scholar and teacher in this country, he has
published Hebrew works on such topics as the worker in Talmud
and Midrash, the individual and the community in Judaism and
collections of essays on Jewish ethics, law and sociology.
a c o b
im o n
70th birthday. Born in Poland, December 2, 1902.
Brought to Palestine as a child, he has been a municipal official
in Tel-Aviv. He has published Hebrew poetry, fiction and chil-
dren’s literature.
e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l