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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
. 75th birthday. Born in Eger, Hun-
gary, October 9, 1897. Sometime rabbi in Italy and resident of
Palestine, he has been teaching at the Jewish Theological Semi-
nary of America in New York since 1948. His scholarly work has
been devoted primarily to editing rabbinic texts, particularly the
commentaries of Menahem Meiri, the 13th century French rabbi,
on the Talmud. He also has added to the vast literature about
his illustrious ancestor, Moses Sofer-Schreiber, also called the
Hatam Sofer.
aco b
t e in b er g
25th anniversary of death. Born in the Ukraine
in 1887, died in Tel-Aviv, June 22, 1947. Both as a Yiddish and
Hebrew poet and story writer, he dealt with the difficulties of the
modern Jew emerging from the ghetto.
t e in m a n
80th birthday. Born in Russia in February,
1892. In Tel Aviv since 1924, he has been a prolific writer of
Hebrew stories and novels. In recent years he has turned to hasidic
materials and published several collections of hasidic stories.
r y e h
a r t ak ow e r
75th birthday. Born in Brody, Galicia,
September 24, 1897. A school administrator in Poland and a lec-
turer in sociology at the Hebrew University, he has written much
in the field of the sociology of the Jewish people in many Ian-
guages. His major work in English has been a work on the Jewish
refugee during World War 2. In Hebrew he has published a his-
tory of the Jewish labor movement.
el ig
yg el
25th anniversary of death. Born in Poland in 1890,
died in New York, March 12, 1947. In America since 1920, he
headed the Federation of Polish Jews and was active in Yiddish
journalism. In English he wrote about Hayim Salomon, the Amer-
ican Jewish patriot.
n n a
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Wuerzburg,
Germany, February 29, 1872, died in Jerusalem in 1948. An Ortho-
dox rabbi in Mannheim, Germany, and from 1935 in Jerusalem,
he published Hebrew biographies of Moses Nahmanides and the
Vilner Gaon. Posthumously, a collection of his responsa was issued.
eh o a sh
(Solomon Bloomgarden or Blumgarten). 100th anni-
versary of birth. Born in Wirballen, Lithuania, September 16,
1872 (other sources 1871), died in New York in 1927. In the United
States since 1890, he is known chiefly for his highly successful
translation of the Bible into Yiddish. His experiences of his stay
in Palestine during the first World War are described in a work
published in English,
The Feet of the Messenger.