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Zionist movement in England and appoints a committee to con-
sider how best to cooperate with it.” The visit in 1921 of the late
Israel Cohen, general secretary of the World Zionist Organization,
on behalf of the Palestine Restoration Fund, provided great im-
petus to Zionist work in Bombay. He was followed by many visitors
and emissaries from Israel, among whom undoubtedly the late
Dr. Immanuel Olsvanger was the most successful and distin-
guished one.
The “Bene-Israel” gave a very concrete answer to the challenge .
of their time through mass immigration to Israel after the estab-
lishment of the State—the most convincing proof of their inherent
love for Zion.
The exodus of the “Bene-Israel” to Israel, which has assumed
vast proportions, had undoubtedly depleted the young and creative
Jewish population in Bombay. Their literary activities in Bombay
have come to a standstill. I t would not be surprising if the rem-
nants of the “Bene-Israel” who found a haven in the land of Israel
will create new values under the impact of the living Hebrew
language and culture in which they so eagerly and actively have
started to participate.