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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
Mrs. Finer is receiving this award; she was the recipient in 1966
for a volume of poetry entitled
The Darkening Green.
Mrs. Mintz has a Bachelor of Hebrew Literature degree from
the Teachers Institute of The Jewish Theological Seminary of
America and also has done graduate studies in Hebrew literature
at the Hebrew University. She has taught Hebrew in New York
and Los Angeles and modern American poetry at the Tel Aviv
University. In addition to the two books I have mentioned, she
edited and translated a bilingual anthology entitled
Hebrew Poetry
that was published in 1966 by the University of
California Press, now in a second printing as well as in a paper-
back edition. Much of her English poetry has been published in
many periodicals in this country, and some of her translations into
Hebrew have appeared in Israeli publications. Mrs. Mintz has
given poetry readings and lectures at various universities includ-
ing Columbia, Chicago, Wayne State and the Hebrew University,
and has been the recipient of other awards.
Frank and Ethel S. Cohen Award
The Frank and Ethel S. Cohen Award for a book on Jewish
thought is being presented by the ESCO Fund as a memorial to
the late Frank Cohen and in honor of our colleague, Mrs.
Ethel S. Cohen. The judges were Abraham Berger, former chief,
Jewish Division, New York Public Library; Dr. Sidney B. Hoenig,
professor of Jewish history at the Yeshiva University; Dr. Joseph
L. Blau, professor of philosophy, Columbia University; Dr. Ben
Zion Bokser, rabbi, Forest Hills Jewsh Center, and Dr. Menahem
Schmelzer, librarian of The Jewish Theological Seminary of
It is gratifying that the judges were unanimous in their deci-
sion and pleased to select for the award Professor Mordecai M.
Kaplan’s latest volume,
The Religion of Ethical Na tionhood:
Judaism’s Con tribu tion to World Peace,
as well as taking appre-
ciative note of his cumulative contributions to Jewish thought.
It is especially gratifying to be able to present this award to him
on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Noted as the founder
a n d
leader of the Society for the Advancement of Judaism and of the
Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation, Rabbi Kaplan has served
as founding dean of the Teachers Institute of The Jewish Theo-
logical Seminary of America, as professor of homiletics and, later,
as professor of philosophies of religion at the Seminary for over
half a century, training several generations of rabbis and edu-
cators who serve Judaism and the Jewish people in communities
throughout the United States, Canada, Israel and other coun-
tries. Dr. Kaplan conceived the idea of the “Jewish Center”
a n d