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International Book Fair that was held in Jerusalem in April,
1971. The Council's Library Committee selected 160 volumes in
English, Hebrew and Yiddish published during the preceding
two years. These books were assembled and shipped to Israel
for exhibit in the large booth rented by the Council. The fair
attracted hundreds of publishers from 36 countries. While nearly
50 United States publishers participated, the Jewish Book Coun-
cil’s exhibit was the only non-commercial collection devoted to
American Judaica. Visitors to the Council's exhibit included
President Zalman Shazar, David Ben Gurion, Prime Minister
Golda Meir, Foreign Minister Abba Eban, heads of universities,
librarians, scholars and people from all walks of life. Dr. Sol
Liptzin, the Council’s representative in Israel, reported that
“our stand was in a strategic position and had to be passed by
everyone who entered . . .
“Among the pleasant highlights of the fair was a cocktail party
for Dr. I. Edward Kiev, on the occasion of the publication of a
festschrift in his honor, attended by the intellectual elite of Israel
and America. . . On the whole, we have helped, through our
participation in all five international book fairs in Jerusalem
throughout the past decade, to raise the prestige of American
Jewish creativity in the eyes of Israelis as well as in the large
numbers of visitors from many European countries. You will be
hearing from many contacts whom I directed to you and I shall
be busy during the coming weeks advising publishers, writers,
and booksellers, for whom I had all too little time during the
book fair.”
Jewish Book Annual
Essays dealing with external and internal censorship of Hebrew
books dating back to medieval times, with the Jew in recent
American drama, and with Jewish books published by university
presses were among the articles featured in Volume 28 of the
Jewish Book Annual
published in September, 1970. The 280
page yearbook of Jewish literary creativity also listed and briefly
described 905 books of Jewish interest published in the United
States, Israel and Great Britain during the twelve month period
ending May, 1970.
“All the writers represented in this volume belong to the ca-
tegory of those to whom the thought of estrangement from the
Jewish community is wholly alien,” Dr. A. Alan Steinbach,
honorary president of the Jewish Book Council and editor of the
Jewish Book Annual,
stated in his introduction to the yearbook.
He further noted that for the past 28 years the Book Council