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has “succeeded in enlisting the talents, the erudition and scholar-
ship of many writers profoundly committed to Jewish culture
and to the Jewish ethos. These contributors to the
Jewish Book
for nearly three decades were able to mediate between
the vernacular culture and their distinctive Jewish heritage
without abdicating their responsibility to either.”
Without the generous cooperation of many people, the Coun-
cil could not have continued to publish this permanent record
of American Jewish book production. For making possible the
publication of volume 29, we are particularly indebted to
Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen, Dr. Gilbert Klaperman and Dr. A. Alan
Steinbach, all past presidents of the Council, and to the Lucius
N. Littauer Foundation and its president, Mr. Harry Starr.
In Jewish Bookland
In Jewish Bookland,
issued seven times a year as the cultural
supplement to the
JWB Circle,
continues to serve as the only
medium devoted exclusively to reviews of Jewish books in En-
glish!, Hebrew and Yiddish. The increasing output of books of
Jewish interest in the United States (which is quite evident
from the bibliographies in this issue of the
it necessary to expedite the publication of reviews. To cope with
this and ancillary problems, a special committee was appointed
under the chairmanship of Dr. Eugene B. Borowitz, a vice-pres-
ident of the Council. Ever alert to expand the horizons of Jew-
ish books, the committee made a number of significant recom-
mendations. At the urging of Dr. Steinbach, provision was made
for two double issues of
In Jewish Bookland
each year. Among
other recommendations were provisions for essay type reviews,
combined reviews and the listing of books with brief annotations.
These suggestions provided a more selective procedure in treating
the increasing number of Judaica books and to reduce the time
between a book’s appearance and the publication of its review.
By implementing these changes, the June, 1971 issue of
In Jew-
ish Bookland
was able to include all reviews received up to
three weeks before going to press. Another proposed change will
be in the title
In Jewish Bookland.
As of September, 1971, it
will be called
Jewish Bookland.
The Editorial Board of
In Jewish Bookland
consists of Alexan-
der Alan Steinbach, editor; Philip Goodman, associate editor;
Lionel Koppman, managing editor; Mortimer J. Cohen/, con-
sultant; Jacob Kabakoff, Hebrew books; Sol Liptzin, Yiddish
books, and Charles Angoff, Bernard J. Bamberger, Morris Ep-
stein and Solomon Grayzel.