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sources for the history of Yiddish periodicals in America and D. B.
Tirkel’s more specialized bibliography of the Yiddish press of
Philadelphia; M. Weinreich on Yiddish bibliographical rarities
in Cambridge, England; and S. Niger on the first works of I. M.
Dik. While there was no systematic listing of new publications,
there were many book reviews. At the same time there began to
appear in Warsaw, the center of Yiddish literary activity, a journal
which adopted the name of a predecessor,
this journal also included many articles dealing with Yiddish liter-
ature in addition to those of a more bibliographic nature (e.g.,
a bibliography of Tolstoi's works in Yiddish translation; M. Stra-
shun’s library in Vilna). The list of contributors to
includes some of the most distinguished names in Yiddish letters;
e.g., A. Almy, P. Hirshbein, I. J. Singer, P. Markish, H. D. Nom-
berg, A. Kacyzne, M. Ravitch and Z. Raisen, as well as such schol-
ars as I. Schipper, M. Erik, M. Balaban and I. Zinberg. Besides
reviews, the journal listed new publications.
In addition to these journals, mention should be made of a
number of very important bibliographic annuals published in
the twenties and thirties at the height of Yiddish literary activity
in Eastern Europe which attempted to list all or a large part of this
vast literary output. These included
Der pinkos, yorbukh far der
geshikhte fun der Yidisher literatur un shprakh, far folklor, kritik
un bibliyografye
(Vilna, 1912; reprinted, Vilna, 1923)—which
comprised both bibliographic and literary studies of Yiddish litera-
ture, lists of Yiddish books and journals published in 1912, book
reviews and B. Borochov's pioneer bibliography of Yiddish philol-
Bibliyografishe yorbikher fun YIVO
(Warsaw, 1928) —listing
over 12,000 items published in 1926 and 1927;
(Moscow, 1930) —published by the Institute for Jewish
Culture of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and including
studies of Jewish libraries, the Yiddish press and Yiddish publish-
ing in Russia as well as a bibliography of Russian Yiddish publi-
cations from 1917 to 1921;
Dos Yiddishe bukh in Sovetnfarband
(The Yiddish Book in USSR),
published from 1933 to 1936 in
Minsk by the Jewish Division of the Lenin State Library and Bib-
liographical Institute of the White Russian Socialist Soviet Re-
public and listing in classified arrangement some two thousand
Yiddish books published from 1932 to 1935; and
Sefer ha-Shanah
le-Bibliyografyah Yehudit be-Polanyah
(Warsaw, 1936) —listing
Jewish books in all languages including Yiddish published in
Poland in 1934. While there is at present no single journal devoted
primarily to Yiddish bibliography, the subject is treated in most
bibliographic journals currently published as well as in the various
Yiddish journals published in the United States, Argentina, Europe
and Israel. The systematic, annual listing of Yiddish publications
has been carried on since 1942 by the
Jewish Book Annual.