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Several volumes are particularly noteworthy. Volume five com-
memorates the dedication of the Klau Library on the Cincinnati
campus. Volume seven is devoted to “The Haggadah: Past and
Present”; contributors included C. Roth, A. Scheiber, E. Werner,
T. Wiener and I. Rivkind. The Spring 1968 issue (vol.
, no. 2-4)
was devoted in its entirety to Judeo-Persian studies. Of special
importance among the bibliographies which appeared in
are those contributed by Z. Szajkowski on Jewish periodicals in
Belgium, 1841-1959; on the emancipation of Jews during the
French revolution, 1789-1800; and on Mazarinades of Jewish
interest. Other bibliographies that have appeared in
the Khazars (by B. D. Weinryb), editions of the Yosippon (by
M. Marx), festschriften of Jewish educational institutions (by
L. Y. Mishkin), Falashas (by W. Leslau), Portuguese sermons at
autos-da-fe (by E. Glaser); and Yiddish periodicals in Great Britain
(by L. Prager).
In Israel three new Hebrew journals devoted to Jewish bibli-
ography appeared. The first was
edited by Z. Harkavy
and published in Jerusalem from 1954 to 1961 by the Central
Rabbinical Library of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. The emphasis
was on articles dealing with rabbinic literature and on the history
of the printing of such books. An annual bibliography of rabbinic
literature published in Israel, as well as specialized bibliographies
such as R. Margaliot's bibliography of commentaries on the Tal-
mud, were also included. The most recent publication in this field,
is also concerned primarily with rabbinic literature. Pub-
lished by the Center of Torah Libraries in Bene Berak, and edited
by M. Wunder, the first issue (the only one to-date) appeared
in 1969. The interest in rabbinic literature is seen in such articles
as: the first decade of printing hasidic books (M. Wunder), the
redemption of stolen books in light of Jewish religious law
(E. Bashan); Rabbi Abraham Alter, Grand Rabbi of Gur, as
bibliographer (Z. Abramowitz); N. N. Kronenberg of Bilgorai
and his printing house (S. Yakubovitz); and the bibliographer
Isaac Cohen-Belinfante of Amsterdam (Z. Malachi). It was, how-
ever, the appearance in 1958 of the first volume of the annual
that provided Jewish bibliographic research with a worthy
companion to the venerable
Edited by N. Ben-Menahem and
I. Raphael and published in Jerusalem by Mosad Ha-Rav Kook,
four substantial volumes have appeared to-date. Aside from listing
books published by Mosad Ha-Rav Kook, no attempt is made
to list other current publications. Rather,
limits itself to
publishing scholarly articles and bibliographies. Among the more
significant bibliographies published mention should be made of
the following: Hebrew printing at Smyrna (A. Yaari—a one hun-
dred and twenty-five page article I); Hebrew periodicals in Hun-
gary (N. Katzburg); Hebrew printing at Czernowitz (J. J. Cohen);