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which began publication in Tel-Aviv in 1959, super-
‘Olam ha-Sefer;
to date more than eighty issues have ap-
peared. In addition to the lists of current Israeli publications,
there are brief articles by and about literary figures in connection
with the publication of their new books as well as brief reports
on various aspects of Israeli publishing. An especially attractive
external feature is the practice of printing a different ex libris on
the cover of each issue.
The ever-increasing number of books published in Israel created
a need for a comprehensive, periodically up-dated catalogue of
those books. While the more frequently appearing journals served
to bring new publications to the attention of the public on a cur-
rent basis, there was also a need for a periodic summary of, and
index to, the vast amount of bibliographic data being accumulated.
In 1946 the Foreign Trade Institute published a catalogue,
and Games from Palestine;
a second catalogue appeared in 1947,
published jointly with the United Hebrew Book Publishers of
Palestine. The first issue contained a classified listing of a selection
of current publications printed in Palestine; the second, an author
and title index to these books. More comprehensive in scope was
Reshimat ha-Sefarim u-Mafteah,
issued in 1946 by the publishers’
association. Similar in concept to the American
Publishers’ Trade
List Annual,
it consisted of the actual catalogues of publishers held
together in a loose-leaf binder; access to the books listed was pro-
vided by an index arranged by broad subject categories only. The
first really useful catalogue of this type, however, was
Israel Book Catalog,
four volumes of which appeared in Tel-Aviv
from 1957 to 1961. In addition to the publishers’ catalogues in-
eluded, there were author, title and subject indexes. This publi-
cation was superseded by an even more comprehensive catalogue
issued periodically by the Book Publishers’ Association, the
log Kelali,
published in Tel-Aviv in 1961, 1964/65 and 1969. The
first two volumes of this catalogue consisted of the original pub-
lishers’ catalogues bound together and provided with author, title
and subject indexes. In the latest issue, the contents of the pub-
lishers’ catalogues have been reset in uniform type and a brief
history of each publisher has been inserted at the beginning of
his listings. Most of the books are briefly annotated and all have
prices listed. There are also the usual indexes.
In addition to bibliographic journals published by the trade, a
number of non-trade journals have been, and are being, published
which serve to inform the public of new books in general or in a
specific field or fields. For several years (1954-1957), the Israel
State Archives published
Reshimat Sifre Hovah,
a periodic listing
of new books deposited in the State Archives as required by the
passage of legislation in 1953. Books were listed in catalogue card
format with Dewey Decimal classification numbers and tracings