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for added entries. From 1957 to 1958 the World Hebrew Union
and the World Zionist Organization published three issues of a
journal called
Megilat ha-Sefer,
edited by A. M. Habermann and
offering annotated listings of selected Hebrew books in all fields,
with the aim of guiding individuals in the development of their
own private libraries. The Histadrut’s Department for Libraries,
in cooperation with the Publishers’ Association, has been pub-
lishing since 1951 a journal called
Kuntres Bibliyografi,
listing new
Israeli publications primarily in the social sciences and literature
(original and in translation) and giving in each case the Dewey
Decimal classification number. Mention may also be made of the
Israel Science Bibliography
published in Jerusalem by the Weiz-
mann Science Press in 1954, a short-lived attempt to list (in Eng-
lish) all Israeli publications in the humanities and natural sciences.
Among the bibliographic journals dealing with a specific field, the
Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem has been issuing since 1964
Ha-Sifrut ha-Tsiyonit (Zionist Literature
), a monthly listing of
new books and pamphlets added to its library; this is, in effect, a
bibliography of new publications on Zionism. A similar list is
published from time to time by Yad va-Shem and serves as a peri-
odic bibliography of Holocaust literature. In the area of Jewish
education and especially Hebrew language instruction, two jour-
nals provide bibliographies of current books, textbooks and in-
structional aids published in Israel and elsewhere: the
A Ion
) of the Mo'atsah le-Hanhalat ha-Lashon (Language
Instruction Council) with its lists of material useful in Hebrew
language instruction; and the
A Ion Bibliyografi la-Tefutsot
of the
Pedagogic Centre of the World Council on Jewish Education in
Jerusalem with lists of material in various fields of Jewish studies.
Particularly interesting is a publication called
Leket Yedi'ot
edited by M. Buchsweiler and published in
1962-63 by the Education Committee of Ha-Kibbuts ha-Meuhad.
This journal includes bibliographies on topics of interest to
teachers in the socialist kibbuts movement as well as reviews of
current Judaica and non-Judaica. Most unusual is a journal
‘Al Sefarim Hadashim,
published since 1968 in Terusalem
by the Israel Centre for Public Libraries and consisting entirely
of photoreproductions of book reviews appearing in the daily news-
papers and literary journals. The emphasis is on belles-lettres, both
original works and translations into Hebrew, and literary criti-
cism. Hebrew literature is also dealt with in two other bibliographic
journals. Since 1965 the Institute for the Translation of Hebrew
Literature in Tel-Aviv has been publishing
Hebrew Book Review,
which consists of reviews in English of current Israeli literature.
(Similar to this is an American publication,
In Jewish Bookland,
published since 1945 by the Jewish Book Council of America and
consisting entirely of brief reviews of American and, to a lesser
extent, Israeli Judaica.) In addition, the Hebrew Writers' Asso­