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Towards a History of German Jewry
From the first, the Leo Baeck Institute purposed to be not only
a depository of publications and manuscripts, but to write a com-
plete history of German speaking Jewry. In the course of fifteen
years many efforts have been made—partly following earlier plans
in content and method.
Germania Judaica,
the standard documen-
tary history of all German speaking Jewish communities, was
continued by the Jerusalem Institute. The result of many years’
work are three volumes edited by Zvi Avneri (Tuebingen, Mohr,
1963-1968) that bring it up to the middle of the fourteenth cen-
tury. The
Zeitschrift fiir die Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland
was revived in the
Year Book of the Leo Baeck Institute,
edited by
Robert Weltsch in London, now (1970) in its fifteenth year, and
in the German language quarterly
Bulletin des Leo Baeck Instituts,
edited by Hans Tramer (Tel Aviv), now (1970) in its thirteenth
year. Both the
Year Book
and the
are mines of informa-
tion about the history of the German Jews, basic for all future
scholars. All three institutes (Jerusalem, London and New York)
publish together the
Schriftenreihe wissenschaftlicher Abhand-
lungen des Leo Baeck Instituts.
More than twenty-five weighty
volumes have been published in this series.
Der preussische Staat und die Juden,2
the great, basic work on
Prussian-Jewish history, begun at the Akademie fur die Wissen-
schaft des Judentums (Academy for the Science of Judaism) which
was founded in Berlin in 1919 with Selma Stern-Taubler as one
of its contributors—could be expanded beyond the two volumes
published before 1933. Two further volumes
resume this history,
and a fifth and sixth volume now conclude it with the time of
Frederick the Great and with a comprehensive index for all vol-
umes. A large, two-volume anthology edited by Kurt Wilhelm
attempts to give a general survey of the Science of Judaism. Other
impressive volumes, based on extensive study of original sources,
have advanced our knowledge of German Jewish history up to and
including the Nazi period. Since 1958 the New York Institute
publishes a series of the yearly
Leo Baeck Memorial Lectures
has begun to publish in English the
Studies of the Leo Baeck
a Selma Stern,
Der preussische Staat und die Juden.
Parts 1-3 (in 7 vols. &
1 register vol.). Tuebingen, Mohr, 1962-1971. Schriftenreihe wissenschaftlicher
Abhandlungen des Leo Baeck Instituts, vol. 7.1-2; vol. 8.1-2; vol. 24.1-3.
3Vol. 8.1 is a reproduction of the original edition which was printed in
1938 but immediately afterwards confiscated and destroyed by the Gestapo.
Only a few copies could be saved. Vol. 8.2 was printed for the first time.
Wissenschaft des Judentums im deutschen Sprachbereich. Ein Querschnitt.
Mit einer Einfiihrung herausgegeben von Kurt Wilhelm (Tuebingen, Mohr,
1967). 2 vols. Schriftenreihe wissenschaftlicher Abhandlungen des Leo Baeck
Instituts. Vol. 16.