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contain some of the more comprehensive
lectures given at the New York Institute. The Jerusalem Institute
originated a series of basic writings of German-Jewish culture in
Hebrew translations. For those interested in German-Jewish his-
tory, some important manuscripts from the big collection of un-
published Jewish memoirs (the New York Institute owns more
than 400) have been published—historically important contribu-
tions that illuminate the varied and characteristic ways of life of
German Jewry
Of course, all these publications, mostly based on new and origi-
nal research, are only fundamentals for a complete German-Jewish
history. The great task remains. But it was possible to lay certain
foundations for it through research and scholarship on three
continents. One question cannot be answered: Will it be possible
to finish this work when the last eye-witnesses of this history will
no longer be alive? Contributions by living participants in con-
temporary history, that is, survivors of the Holocaust, have a sig-
nificance far beyond compute. The proximity of the experience
does not necessarily provide the proper judgment, but it does
provide the proper foundation as well as colorfulness. Without
contemporary documentation, without the participating chronicler,
it will be even less possible to portray the events of history.
In the course of the years, the Leo Baeck Institute in New York
undertook preparatory work on a comprehensive bibliography
for the history of German Jewry. The bibliography for “Jews in
German Economic Life” has been completed. Extensive prelimi-
nary studies have been made for a bibliography, including sec-
ondary sources, for “Jews in German Literature since 1900.” Also
completed are indices for the following periodicals:
fiir Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums
Jiidische Rundschau
(for 1918, 1919, and 1932-1936); C.F.-
(for 1922-1932);
Der Aufbau
(political-literary part index
for 1934-1945);
Sulamith; Der Jude; Der Morgen; Neue Jiidische
Monatshefte; Jiidische Monatshefte; Zeitschrift fiir Demographie
und Statistik der Juden; Zeitschrift fiir Jiidische Wohlfahrtspflege
und Sozialpolitik; Jahrbuch fiir jiidische Geschichte und Literatur.
Systematically continued, this work will in time lead to a complete
index of all important periodicals, which will make them available
for scholarly research.
Other publications include:
Catalogue of the Hebrew Manu-
scripts in the Library of the Juedisch-Theologisches Seminar,
(D. S. Loewinger and B. D. Weinryb, eds., Wiesbaden,
nst itute
8Vol. 1. Ed. by Max Kreutzberger. New York, Frederick Ungar, 1967.
(Aspects of Jewish life and history as viewed by eminent scholars of our time.)
aA complete list of all publications may be requested from the Leo Baeck
Institute, 129 East 73rd Street, New York, New York 10021.
7Tuebingen, Mohr, 1966. Veroffentlichung des Leo Baeck Instituts.