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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
(Pinhas Kaganovich) two volume work,
D i M ishpohe Mashber
(New York, 1943-1948).
A glance into the way of life of the Braslaver hasidim in Jeru-
salem and Brooklyn is offered by Herbert Weiner in his
W ild
Goats of Ein Gedi
(New York, 1961) and
(New York,
In the last decade there was accelerated activity in Braslav
publications in Israel and New York. The most prolific editor
and author in Israel is Nathan Zvi Kenig with a number of works,
some of them of considerable historical and bibliographical value.
A true Braslav book, although not published by the group, is
Israel Ber Odesser’s
I be ha-Nahal
(The Blossoms of the Brook,
Jerusalem, 1969),
being another name for Rabbi Nahman,
“the brook of living waters." In addition to letters of an exhorta-
tory nature to an anonymous friend, it contains Odesser's auto-
biographical account of how as a young yeshivah bahur in Ti-
berias, before the British Mandate, he came to discover the hasid-
ism of Rabbi Nahman. The book reveals a rare religious spirit
and a fervent and steadfast devotion to the living soul of Rabbi
Nahman of Braslav.